There are a million blogs out there about personal development / lifestyle design / blah, blah, blah…

I’m sure you’ve seen them.

Some tell you you need to go totally Zen and eliminate every possession except for a bowl to eat from and a cushion to sit on. (OK, even the cushion is getting kinda luxe, if you’re gonna be really minimalist.)

Some tell you it’s all about pushing life to the extremes, jumping from planes and training for triathlons and whatever else it is you do to be “extreme.” (I don’t know everything those blogs promote. Adventurous to me is visiting a restaurant I’ve never gone to before, without a coupon, on a night that isn’t date night. Maybe in red heels.)

There are blogs on how to be super-productive, how to eat like a caveman (seriously!) and how to become a work-from-home (or at the beach) internet tycoon.

But… I’m not really any of these things, and I don’t really want to be any of those things.

And I think a lot of people fall under that category.

We’re just trying to live our lives—better than the rest, of course, but in a nice, doable, fun way.  We want to improve ourselves, but we also want to enjoy ourselves while we’re doing it.

 The kind of person a Blonde & Balanced girl (or guy) is

  • You’re not 110% all about any specific lifestyle or philosophy. (Unless that philosophy is that you should sleep in whenever it is humanly possible. Which I am completely behind.)
  • You don’t want to become a revolutionary, or a digital nomad, or whatever other buzz words the other bloggers are using to get their followers all excited.
  • You’re just a girl (or guy) trying to live your life in the happiest, healthiest, most balanced way you can—while still totally having a blast doing it.
  • You may not be blonde. That’s o.k. We don’t discriminate here.  :)

So, that’s what this blog is about—part finance, part health, part relationships, part happiness in general. It’s a mix of practical advice, cool tips, inspiring doodads when I find them and some just plain fun extras, because what’s the point of “personal development” if you don’t have a ton of fun doing it?

Who is “The Blonde”?

I kind of like the idea of just being known as “The Blonde” because that sounds all alluring and mysterious.  But I know some people like to have a real handle for the person whose thoughts they’re reading, so if you’d rather, you can call me Em. (Short for Emily.)

I’m a 20-something (or juuuust turned 30-something—shhh, don’t tell!) girl who works a regular office job, has a husband and some dogs (The Big One and The Little One) and a cute little cookie-cutter house that is slowly falling apart at the seams. (There will be plenty of posts on the “first house money pit” issue, I’m sure.)

I hate going to the gym but love doing Zumba on my husband’s PS3 in my pajama shorts.

I don’t mind brown-bagging my lunch for work, because that means one extra Godiva Espresso Martini when I’m out for girls’ night.

I love avocado on anything and could gorge myself on an all-you-can-eat salad bar until management kicks me out…but I also have a horrible weakness for any form of ice cream (sandwich, bar, you name it), which I am not at all ashamed of indulging, thank you very much.

I like hanging out in the sun on the weekend with Big Dog and Little Dog napping next to my lawn chair. I don’t like people who take themselves too seriously. I’ll be writing about all this and lots of other stuff here.

I hope you’ll come along!