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Would You Sacrifice These 6 Things to Pay for Healthcare?

A lot of American families are looking for ways to cut costs and be able to have more cash or be able to prioritize other major expenses in the household. There are a lot of ways to chop up the way you spend your money without taking up too much time or a lot of hassle.

One of the major expenses that most Americans do prioritize is healthcare. This type of service have skyrocketed over the past few years and families are attempting to cut down on other expenses just to have this covered. According to a study on Veteran’s Today Money sponsored by Coupon Dash, the top 6 things that families sacrifice to cover healthcare are:

  1. Dining out at restaurants
  2. Buying gadgets
  3. Shopping for new clothes
  4. Spending time outside
  5. Going out on vacations
  6. Buying take out food

There are several other ways you can cut expenses and still have a lot of your monthly income to spend which you can also save and enjoy. Here are other options you can consider:

  • Writing down all of your expenses and budgeting your income accordingly. You should be mindful where you’re spending your money and then you can see where you can cut costs in the future. What you might think now that it’s just a dollar and then repeat this process daily for over a month can quickly add up.
  • Preparing your meals ahead and take your lunch to work. If you have a few minutes to spare on a Sunday evening, you can meal prep for the week, put them in the freezer and bring it for your lunch at work to avoid any temptation of buying out meals at work. Who wouldn’t prefer to have some extra cash by the end of the month by just spending a few minutes of your evening to make ahead these meals?
  • Sell unwanted stuff. If you have items at home that are lying around and you know you won’t use them anymore, why not sell them to make extra cash?
  • Cancel that gym membership. You don’t have to pay to get fit. There are other ways to get in a workout session for free at home or jog around the park or take your bike out for a spin.
  • Look out for deals and coupons. You can go and sign up with coupon dash and have discounts sent directly to your inbox so that you can save money on products you’d like to buy, services you’d like to avail for a lower price and much more.
  • Consider comparing gas and electricity prices. Do you think you’re getting a good deal with your gas and electricity? Research and compare the prices of the utility services in your area or you can also be efficient by saving energy at home by switching to energy-saving light bulbs or install a programmable thermostat.

A simple change of attitude towards your finances can help you cut expenses and focus on those that matter most. You can trim down costs and every little step counts if you want to prioritize some other expenses.

Do you have any other tips you’d like to share?

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