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Where to Turn When You’ve Been Injured in an Accident

Being involved in an accident of any kind is traumatic. Yet when significant injuries have been sustained and the person at fault was negligent, it can only make matters worse. Getting on with your life will require a lot more than putting on a few bandages and returning to work. Often those who have been seriously injured have to deal with life-altering changes including time off from work, potential long-term unemployment, medical costs, and more. As this can be a trying time and difficult process to understand, it is recommended that you lean on the services and expertise of others.

Isn’t Filing a Claim Enough?

In simple accidents where there isn’t much damage and the guilty party is obvious, filing an insurance claim may not be overly complex. However, if there are major injuries and property damage and/or disputes about the cause of the collision, the road to getting compensated can be a bumpy one.

Insurance companies are going to do everything they can to try and reduce how much they’re obligated to pay. This may mean finding evidence to contest your story or low-balling you during settlements. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, sometimes it is necessary to ask for help. Legal experts who study personal injury law are ideal, especially those who serve a specific region of the country. For example, a personal injury lawyer in NYC is more likely to have success arguing your case before a Staten Island civil court judge than someone from a firm located elsewhere. This is because a local law firm has experience with the local court system and the lawyers tend to have an existing rapport with the judges in the area.

What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do?

Personal injury attorneys assist clients with understanding their rights in accordance with traffic and personal injury laws in the state. They can assist you at any point in the process to seeking compensation. This can include helping you to gather pertinent information for your insurance claim, completing necessary paperwork, haggling during negotiations, filing a lawsuit, setting up mediation, and fighting your case in court.

How Does This Help My Finances?

Your finances have been gravely impacted by this accident. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you’ve missed a lot of time from work, have been placed on disability, risk losing your job, and have increased debt due to medical bills and unpaid expenses due to lack of income. If you have a case, and there is substantial evidence that you weren’t at fault, you can sue the at-fault parties and get what you’re entitled to.

Should you win the case, you could receive money for lost wages, medical expenses, future medical treatment, and more. With the complexities surrounding personal injury law, an attorney is best suited to help you get a maximum offer. Fortunately, many of these legal experts work on a contingency fee, meaning you don’t pay a dime until you’ve won your case.

Can’t I File a Suit Myself?

Yes, you have a right to represent yourself in court should you decide to file a lawsuit against guilty parties in your accident. Keep in mind, however, there is a lot of paperwork and necessary deadlines that will need to be met. There is also supporting evidence. You’ll have to do all the legwork yourself which would include getting police records, talking to witnesses, obtaining any evidence from the opposing attorneys, finding medical experts to support your findings, and more. Lets not also forget that you’ll need to have thousands of dollars to pay for resources, filing fees, and other associated expenses to win your case.

With so many different experts to talk to within a small timeframe, it can be a lot to take on by yourself. Missing one piece of information or deadline could result in the case being thrown out, leaving you with nothing. Personal injury attorneys are fully aware of this and have a staff as well as a network of individuals and a plethora of resources they can tap into to make sure your case is as solid as possible.

From the moment of the accident, you’re on a very tight timeline to get the compensation and justice you deserve. As the bills start piling up and your life gets turned upside down, there are only a few people you can turn to to get you through this. A personal injury lawyer should be at the top of that list. They are trained experts who have the knowledge, experience, and resources to walk you through a very complex personal injury claim/lawsuit process. It is with their help that you are able to take a deep breath and focus your attention towards getting better.

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