Where order contacts online without a prescription?

Nowadays, people are seeming to be less interested in wearing glasses, and they prefer to wear contacts. To keep the eyes healthy, contacts have become a useful alternative to glasses that protects the eyes, keeping them safe and secure. 

Contact lenses are thin plastic curved lenses that are placed on the surface of the eyes for a clearer vision. It covers the cornea and helps fight the problems caused by refractive errors. People do wear contact lenses without prescription for different purposes. Thus, it can be worn for aesthetic as well as cosmetic reasons. 

Where will you find contacts without a prescription? 

If you are looking to purchase contact lenses without prescription, you should get your eyes’ specification from a concerned optician so that that seller can verify accordingly. There are a lot of online sites that allow you to order contacts without any prescription. However, it is highly advised that you should get your eyes checked before you order contacts online. Having the right details of your eyes will help you choose the right contact lenses that fit your eyes’ specifications. 

Do you need to get your eyes tested?

It is not mandatory to get the eyes checked but to maintain the safety of the eyes; we should never rely on the local sellers. Contact lenses cannot be sold in beauty parlors, cosmetic stores, or pharmacies. You may cause harm to your eyes because of the unregulated lenses, so make sure to buy it from a reliable seller with your prescriptions or according to the exact specifications of your eyes. 

Guidelines for Contact lens prescribers 

The orders for the professionals who issue contact lens prescriptions should follow certain points: – 

  1. A copy of the contact lens prescription should be given to the patient even if he did not ask for it. 
  2. It is essential to give and check the contact lens prescription to a person who is designated to act in place of the patient, including the sellers. 
  3. An inaccurate prescription should be corrected, and the information regarding the expiration should be given to the seller.

Guidelines for Contact lens sellers 

The orders for contact lens sellers include: –

  1. The contact lenses should be provided following a valid specification that has been verified by the contact lens prescriber. 
  2. Sellers should contact the optician in case there is a need for verification before the order.  

Things to consider before using the contact lenses- 

Firstly, contact lenses should always be removed before sleeping as they can get scratched and even damage the cornea. Secondly, the lens solution, in any case, should not be reused as it leads to microbial infection. Lastly, make sure that you replace the contact lenses before the expiry date to avoid eye damage and consult a doctor from time to time. 

Keep in mind that prescription may not be necessarily required if contact lenses are brought from reliable retailers. To ensure the safety of your eyes, never compromise on the price. 

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