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What to Know About FabFitFun Before You Subscribe


What is FabFitFun? FabFitFun is a beauty, wellness, life, entertainment, and style magazine designed to be perfect for all women. Perhaps the best thing about FabFitFun is their goal to make women feel beautiful inside and out. FabFitFun wants you to live the best life you can live and they try to help you do that in so many ways, but they main ones are definitely by bring you great deals on their beauty box, great fitness tips, and informing you of all the great deals on clothes and cosmetics.

Deals on Clothes and Cosmetics

FabFitFun prides itself on bringing you all the best deals on great quality products. An example of this is the article they released a few days ago about the amazing eyeliner ISH that you can get for under $20. If you are like me and use eyeliner religiously then you know how hard it is to find an eyeliner that last all day and is this cheap. And this is just one of many FabFitFun articles that brings these great saves to your attention.

The magazine also informs you of when amazing clothing brands have sales worth noticing and hunting down. It’s not just clothing brands they do this for too, FabFitFun also brings you deals on home decor, shoes, and electronics.

The Box

Every 3 months FabFitFun’s premium members get sent a beauty box. This beauty box has full size products that are worth paying the $49.99 four times a year for. For $49.99 you get $200 worth of product in the box and with a FabFitFun discounts it’s even cheaper than that. This is a great deal for what you are paying and the products you get are on the higher end side such as Urban Decay. These boxes are a great deal and they fulfill FabFitFun’s purpose of making women feel beautiful inside and out.

To Summarize

FabFitFun is a great magazine to help you shop on a budget. They keep you informed on all they great deals of brands worth knowing so when your shopping spree starts you can save hundreds on all the best products. Or if you aren’t sure what you want then signing up for FabFitFun’s box can save you hundreds on products a month while bringing you something new to your door every three months.

I love FabFitFun and I’m not the only one. Women all over are raving about FabFitFun and their box on social media. All of their articles are amazing and their message is great. Plus they can help you save hundreds on great quality on items every time you shop.

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