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Ways to Save Money in 2017

Be financially suave in 2017 and help reduce your living costs with these four money-saving suggestions.

  1. Reduce your energy bills

A simple way trick to reducing your energy bills is to swap your light-bulbs for energy-saving (and thereby cost saving) CFLs or LEDs. These types of bulbs are approximately four-times energy efficient than their incandescent counterparts and much more resilient. Ensuring that all electrical items are unplugged when they are not in use is a good tip to saving money on energy, too. Items that are plugged into the mains but aren’t used still draw in some electricity. Although the actual amount of charge may be tiny, it can add up to a significant amount very quickly if you consider all the items left plugged-in in your home.

  1. Lease a car

Owning a car isn’t cheap; along with the unavoidable costs associated with the day-to-day running of a car, there’s also the repair and servicing costs and the high depreciation rate that curses all new vehicles. Car leasing is an affordable and cost-busting alternative to buying a car out-right. Not owning your vehicle means you’ll be able to avoid spending money on the things that cost car-owners so much money, such as repair costs, servicing fees, and new tyres by taking out a maintenance contract alongside your lease agreement. You’ll also be able to avoid the unavoidable rate of rapid depreciation that curses car-owners and makes it so difficult to sell used cars and make a transferrable profit.

  1. Reduce your spending

Save money by watching your spending and cutting-down on your buying. Assess your mobile phone bill, you internet bill and your entertainment package bill and try to reduce it wherever possible; speak to your providers to negotiate a better deal. Read online personal grooming reviews and swap your expensive shampoos and make-up products for less-expensive alternatives that reach the same standard in personal reviews.

  1. Resolve your debt

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to pay off all of your accumulated debts on 2017, but you could take a step towards making it easier for you to manage your debts by consolidating your debts or opting to take out a 0% balance transfer agreement. A consolidation loan allows you to put all of your debts together in one place, allowing you to make one single monthly repayment. To help resolve your debts more quickly, bring in the New Year by rooting through your possessions and selling anything that doesn’t strike you as being either necessary, needed, or wanted.

  1. Save money on food

Buying food is a necessity, but thinking about where you buy your food from and opting for home-cooked home can save you money. As well as being cheaper than eating out or ordering food in from take-aways, cooking food at home gives you the chance to save money in the long run by stocking up on meals and freezing dinners for future use. Turn saving money on food into a hobby by starting a garden and growing your own vegetables at home. As well as being financially friendly, growing food at home is also environmentally friendly and a great way to ensure the food you eat is healthy and freshly picked.

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