Visiting Hyderabad? Here’s Where You Can Treat the Foodie in You

Have you already booked with any of the budget hotels in Hyderabad city for a comfortable stay? However, have you researched about the endeavors that you need to partake to feed your growling stomach each day during your stay? Don’t worry; you will soon get to know the top food hubs of the city where you can satisfy your hunger.

  • Paradise Food Court: Nobody returns from Hyderabad without stuffing sufficient Hyderabadi biriyani in the stomach! So, you should also enter into this competition and treat the foodie in you with one of the best Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani in town! Once you start tasting this finger-licking traditional dish from one of the most authentic restaurants in the city, you will definitely start looking forward to buying an apartment in the city as your second home.
  • Concu: Concu is the best place to drop in a visit if you end up in Hyderabad during a special occasion of yours such as the birthday celebrations of your loved ones. This bakery house bakes the best cakes that would definitely add to the beauty of the significant day. Moreover, if you don’t have a birthday to celebrate and your tooth is still craving for a sweet taste after having the spicy Hyderabadi dishes, you can always gulp down a pastry or two from Concu.
  • Hashi: One of the newest and the strongest competitors in the city of Hyderabad is Hashi. The restaurant specializes mainly in Japanese delicacies and entertains the guest by giving them a live show during the preparation of sushi and other specialties. If you want to, you can try learning the art of preparing Japanese food but don’t mess your kitchen up once you reach home!
  • Charcoal: What if you are tired of having the extremely spicy Hyderabadi dishes? There’s always a substitute for every kind of food in Hyderabad. Charcoal gives you the perfect American burger with a tangy sauce and extra mayonnaise that you had been looking for! Once you take in the aroma of the fresh food there, there is no turning back!
  • Momos Point: Momos Point is one of the most pocket-friendly restaurants in Hyderabad. While you would be visiting Hyderabad with the expectation of exercising your teeth and gums while enjoying a plate of the succulent and spicy Tangdi kebab, you will be surprised to find the alluring aroma of momos and authentic Chinese dishes at the heart of the city emanated from the magical hands of the chef at Momos Point. Moreover, once your nose picks up the delicious scent of the delicacies, let’s see how you force your feet to take you in the reverse direction.
  • Famous Ice Creams: A meal remains incomplete without a cup of ice cream of your favourite flavour, right? Well, then here is a superb news for you; the Famous Ice Creams, one of the best ice cream parlours in Hyderabad, prepares ice creams of different flavours. So, you can be ready to feel the chill in your mouth as you take a mouthful of the favourite ice cream of yours. Moreover, if you are visiting the city of Hyderabad with your lover, nothing can be more romantic than sharing the same bowl of ice cream while watching the sunset peeping through the narrow horizon.

Hyderabad did not just become one of the most powerful states in the southern part of India once upon a time. The Nizams sure did know how to feed their friends and foes and treat them with hospitality. Thus, this is the same quality that the Hotels in Hyderabad are portraying to the guests especially if you book them through the websites of the trustworthy travel companies like Yatra.

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