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Vaping Devices for Beginners

If you’re interested in learning to vape, one of the first steps is, naturally, familiarizing yourself with how vaping works. You could walk right into a vape store and start browsing the inventory to dive right in, if that’s your style. If you’d rather know what to look for before you go in, though, there is plenty of information online from experienced vapers on how to start. One of the big questions is what sort of device to use; here, we’ll compare some common vape devices to help you find an answer.

Vaping Devices: A Primer

Though e-cigs, vape pens, mods and other devices can all differ in appearance and details, they all have a common design. A vaporizer is, just as the name indicates, a device designed to heat up and vaporize supplied e-liquid, generally as an alternative to smoking. The working parts at the core of this are a battery that supplies power, a wire coil that is heated by this power and a wick that delivers e-liquid to the coil. The wick(s) and coil(s) are housed in what is called the atomizer, which can also either contain or connect to a reservoir of e-liquid. The coil heats up as electricity runs through it—the heat generated depends on the coil’s resistance—and causes the e-liquid in contact with the coil to be vaporized. While batteries are often rechargeable, other components need cleaning, maintenance and possibly replacement over time.

Where to Start?

Advanced vaping devices are often built to be as powerful as the user wants them to be, including sub-ohm coils, variable voltage and wattage settings, direct-to-battery connections and fully rebuildable components. Newcomers generally aren’t ready to manage all of this, especially when the power at work makes for volatile and hazardous devices if used improperly. Fortunately, most vape retailers, whether online or at brick-and-mortar locations, carry starter kits from various brands that are made to be more accessible. Generally, a starter kit features a straightforward, self-contained atomizer, a battery charger, replacement coils and refillable or disposable pods that can be swapped out while on the go. While they don’t have the heavy-duty batteries, modular design and sheer power output of sub-ohm devices that avid vapers prefer for stronger hits, the sleek designs—typically pen or pod mods—appeal to casual and beginner vapers due to portability and ease of maintenance. Whether you opt to stick with a basic device or move on to more elaborate sub-ohm mods, these kits are your best bet for your first time vaping.

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