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Types of Charities

Giving to charity is one of the many ways through which people offer support to causes they believe in. When you look at it from a financial aspect, giving to charity is beneficial to your finances. This is because, donations are tax deductibles. More than 26% of taxpayers itemize their charity work as deductions when filing their returns. Giving to charity also helps you in financial planning. Apart from the financial gain to the donor, giving to charity helps to improve the lives of millions of individuals around the world.

Depending on the size of your estate, the amount you want to donate and the method you prefer to donate in, choosing the type of charity to give to can sometimes be a challenge. There are several types of charities you can choose from.

Animal charities

If you are an animal lover, you may find it very fulfilling to support an animal charity of your choice. There are numerous animal charities around the world. They can be classified into four further groups:

  • Wildlife conservation organizations
  • Zoos and aquarium support organizations
  • Pet and animal welfare organizations
  • Fishing and hunting conservation groups.

All these groups work individually to support different animals. They aim to conserve the different wildlife co systems as a way of supporting and preserving animal life. These charities work together with wildlife conservancy groups to protect wildlife from dangers of extinction.

Environmental charities

These are charity organizations that focus on ways to preserve, promote, and sustain the environment. These types of charities are further divided into 2 groups:

  • Parks and nature centers support organization.
  • Environmental protection and conservation organizations.

These charities work to protect the environment from destruction. One of their primary focuses is fighting global warming. This is being achieved by introducing the world to green energy and the use of renewable resources. These charities believe that the only way the human race will survive is by protecting the environment.

International non-governmental organizations

These are charity organizations that have their headquarters in one country but work to support another country. These charities support different causes, such as:

  • International development
  • Conservation
  • Peace and human rights
  • Humanitarian and Disaster relief
  • Child sponsorship

By choosing to support any of these NGOs, you offer support to families, children, women, and students around the world who are in need to help. These groups provide support in different ways. For instance, Yad Ezra VShulamit is a charity organization that donates relief food to thousands of starving families and children in Israel.

Regardless of which NGO you choose to support, you can be sure that you are making a massive difference in the world.

Education charities

It is often said that when you educate a child, you inspire a whole generation. Education charities offer grants, tuition payment, student life support and scholarships to students around the world. This way, education is made accessible. Education charities can support education from elementary level to Ph.D. level. It also offers supports to families, teachers, and students to make learning possible.

Health charities

These are types of charities that provide medical assistance to people in need around the world. They offer free medical aid to sick and disabled individuals who would otherwise not have access to the type of help. They also promote global awareness of specific diseases. They consist of:

  • Medical services and treatment charities
  • Disorders and diseases charities
  • Family and patient support charities
  • Medical research charities.

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