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Top Money Saving Tips for 2019

Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow but once you realise that saving isn’t an easy process, the better off you’ll be. It may be that you’re wanting to build a financially stable family, or you want to save up for a dream holiday – there are hundreds of reasons why you would want to know the top money saving tips. Getting your finances in order can seem daunting but saving money in 2019 is easier than it seems. As long as you are determined and want to save money, it can be an exciting journey!

Build an emergency fund

An emergency fund is a sum of money that is strictly saved for emergencies. It means that you never have to worry about having enough money in your account if situations go wrong or there are extra expenses needed. Once you have an emergency fund, it’s going to save you money in times of crisis. Since you’ll have enough cash, you’ll never find yourself strapped for cash again. This means you’ll be avoiding potential debt and the interest that comes with them.

Make financial goals

Goals, in general, make you more productive as they give you something to work towards. A great money saving tip would be to create suitable and realistic financial goals. You want a mixture of both short and long-term goals that will help you stay motivated and know where you’re headed. Plus, having shorter goals will allow you to achieve them in a quicker timeframe and feel motivated.

Invest your money

While investing isn’t directly a money saving tip, it is a great way to have more money available. Property investment is particularly favoured as it creates large financial rewards. If you’re wanting to invest your money into property but haven’t tried it before, it might worth speaking to experts such as RW Invest. They can advise on the best developments and newest properties that are worth putting your money into. In 2019, the property market is quickly increasing, especially in the North West, where house prices are at an all-time high. You may not be saving money by investing but you’ll be earning better returns compared to current bank interest rates.

Earn cash back

Possibly the easiest way to save money is getting cash back on apps and websites on which you’re essentially losing money you could have kept. It’s worth taking advantage of cashback rewards as sometimes they can give between 5 to 20% of your money spent, back to you. If you’re going to do this, make sure you keep your receipts and scan them when necessary.

Save on groceries using coupons

Groceries take up a big chunk of our weekly and monthly budgets but there are so many hidden ways to save money on them that people aren’t aware of. Just by simply taking a quick look through the newspaper or online, you can find hundreds of coupons for discounted and free deals in your local supermarket. Who can complain? You’re saving money but still getting what you want out of your shop.

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