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Tips To Choose The Best Eyeglass Lenses

When you’re not giving much importance to the thing inside the box, know that this is your way for healthy vision. Not only will the vision, choosing the proper material and texture for your glass lens, contribute to protecting your eyes as well. So, while you seem to be happy getting your desired shape and design of your frame, time to think otherwise and give your lens the much-needed preference.

Importance Of Right Lens!

Okay, so you may have different types of problems regarding your eyesight, and accordingly, you will be prescribed. So, irrespective of the sight problem that you may face, this article will guide you throughout, letting you know the different essential components that you must consider while choosing your eyeglass lenses. This are –

  • Comfort: While it may seem to you that the comfort is related to the frame, it’s a notion. The eye lens is the most important factor that should be considered
  • Appearance: A frame can determine your appearance, and a right lens can do it too. A scratchy lens will never look to be appealing enough, and when you are choosing a very low budget lens, this problem is sure to happen.
  • Vision: This needs no explanation. For getting the best and comfortable vision, you need to have the right pair of glass, and hence, the glass lens cannot be compromised
  • Safety: These days, glasses are also witnessing the change and so various such products are available in the market, which will provide you the right form of protection from factors such as UV rays.

Different Types of Lenses

What used to be in the early days has completely changed. Even shopping for lenses are pretty easy and just a few clicks away. All you need to do is visit the desired website and upload your prescription and select your product. However, there are different types of eyeglass lenses available in the market, which you should know. So, what are they? Take a look!

  1. Glass Lenses: The old one, yet still prevalent. While these may be the best choice for some individuals, but these types of lenses are not durable. Even these may be related to certain accidental aspects. Glasses are more susceptible to breakage due to which, if by chance, you fall, it will break instantly, resulting in even permanent damage.
  2. Plastic Lenses: This is one of the widely used types of lenses and quite a favorite product among individuals, owing to its very lightweight and durable. Made up of plastic polymer, these types of lenses even ensure good optical quality and low cost as well.
  3. Polycarbonate Lenses: These types of lenses were formulated mainly for the individuals wearing helmets and even for children. Over the time, it has gained popularity with features like extra lightweight, good resistance, and high Abe Value.
  4. High Index Lenses: They too belong to the plastic lenses categories, but are much thinner and light-weight along with other features like low specific gravity and high refractive index.

Apart from the above-mentioned lens type; there are other features like coating or treatments that give you the desired design, protection and visibility at the same time. However, the prices too will vary accordingly. So, while considering these factors are essential, you need to have a flexible pocket too!

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