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Tips and Trends to Follow When Buying Trainers

Trainers are for more than the gym and jogging these days. Above all else, trainers offer comfort. Some are even like walking on air. The right trainer will dress down nearly any outfit without sacrificing style. Some trainers can even be matched with dresses, but there isn’t one, yet that can be matched with a ball gown, even from the most high-end of designers. 

Versatility That Won’t Break the Bank

The perfect trainer won’t hurt your bank balance. Even high-end designers have trainers. Designer trainers women’s sale even include Gucci trainers. That doesn’t mean you’ll get into an exclusive restaurant with a trainers means no admittance policy just because the trainers have the Gucci label. With trainers that match with dresses, be sure to pay attention to those door policies. Trainers go with just about any outfit except formal wear, but in order to look stylish, you need to make sure the trainer compliments the outfit. 

Just Say No
Running shoes, no matter how comfortable, won’t team with a dress in any style, except perhaps a tennis or cheerleading skirt. Tennis and cheerleading skirts are very sports specific and aren’t typically seen in daily use. Running shoes are perfect for your gym leggings or sweats. Some even work well with jeans. Be careful with matching smart trousers with running shoes though as only some will match. 


Trainers gained in daily wear popularity due to their comfort levels. There are so many styles to pick from, and you’ll be able to find something stylish to match the rest of your wardrobe. 

Different sports have different shoe specifics. If you have a high arch, you’ll want a running shoe as these offer maximum foot support. If you like to wear dresses, particularly in the summer, skate shoes look excellent with them and offer much more comfort than the heeled sandals that are typically paired with them. 

Trainers are perfect for that last-minute supermarket trip or for hiding under the chair to wear after work if you can’t find a pair that doesn’t violate work’s dress code. 


Trainers are the only footwear for gyms. That doesn’t mean the trainers worn while working out are appropriate for every outfit. Your daily trainers may not offer the foot support you need in the gym either. 


Comfort does not need to be sacrificed for style. There’s a range of trainers on the market with so many different choices that all but formal wear can have a corresponding trainer that looks appropriate. 

Fashion is making a statement. The wrong shoes are going to ruin an outfit, sometimes to the extent you aren’t given the promotion or asked out by that cute guy from accounting. What you wear on your feet portrays a lot about who you are. There’s not much point in being well-groomed and everything else about you being stylish if you are going to put your feet in your muddy running shoes. 

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