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Three Top Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s that time of year again! Spring is here, and with it comes a sense of renewal. So, what better time to dig out your cleaning kit and marigolds and get to work on sprucing up your house!

There are so many rooms and areas around the house which can get neglected throughout the year that Spring cleaning can often last the entire season. We’ve collated our top three cleaning tips which will help you to make a big difference to your home, with relatively little effort!

Read on to find out how to get your house picture perfect for Summer:

Ventilate and insulate

Prevention is better than cure, as they say. To avoid scrubbing mould from your tiles, keep your bathroom well-ventilated. Good air circulation in your bathroom will keep the mould patches at bay.

A great way to keep your bathroom insulated and ventilated is to ditch tiles all together, and consider bathroom wall panelling.

Wet wall panels offer users a reduction in condensation, which is ideal for a humid environment such as the bathroom. You’ll also benefit from an increase in heat as these wall panels are good insulators.

This panelling is also available as PVC ceiling cladding, if your entire bathroom is suffering from a bacteria infestation. If it’s mould round your bath that’s the problem, bath trim is a great solution to dispel unsightly grime.

Banish bathroom bacteria

There is nothing more unsightly than damp and mould spreading across your bathroom, and with the majority of guests using this room, there’s not much you can do to disguise it!

As well as the aesthetic problems, being surrounded by mould can increase your chances of experiencing respiratory problems as well as having an impact on your immune system, according to the NHS.

If your bathroom tiles have developed a layer of pink slime or you’ve got a collection of black mould in your grout, you’ll want a solution to get that removed as soon as possible, before it starts to affect your health. Here’s how you can banish the bacteria quickly and safely:

Remove mould from your grout

When it comes to mould, you might be tempted to reach for the bleach, or the strongest cleaner you can find. But there’s no need for fancy sprays.

The first step is to ensure your mouth and nose are covered with a mask, as this will stop you breathing in any mould spores. Using some mild detergent mixed with warm water, and an old nail brush, gently scrub your grout until the mould comes away.

Closet clear-out

It might seem like it’s only a small part of one room, but organising your wardrobe is the first step to sorting out the rest of your home.

To give yourself a morning routine that will be quick and easy, and to make some additional space in your bedroom, purge your clothes and accessories. There are many charities or clothes banks that would benefit from unwanted donations. You might even be able to sell some outfits on a site like Depop if they’re in a good condition!

See how great you feel when you’ve ditched the clothes and accessories you don’t use and arranged everything by colour. Your wardrobe will look appealing, and your everyday routine will be so much faster.

Paint touch-up

It’s amazing what a fresh paint job can do for any room, but who has the time and money to give their house a makeover whenever they notice a stain on our magnolia?

Keeping up with the smudges and smears will help that coat of paint last much longer. Simply spot-clean your walls with a cloth or sponge, and some hot water mixed with dishwashing liquid (the milder the better).

If the stain persists, apply a few drops of soap directly onto the wet sponge or cloth you’re using. Then make sure you rinse the wall with water afterwards.

So, there are three quick tips which can make your spring cleaning easier, while still making a big difference. Now you can make your house look fantastic, and well in time for Summer!


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