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Three Things You Need to Stop Worrying About at the Gynecologist

If you are like many women, the annual trip to the gynecologist is not exactly something to look forward to. It is a necessity however, for good health and it is also important for many other reasons, like overall self-confidence, knowing that you are staying on top of your health, and ensuring that you are being proactive if you are planning to get pregnant or if you are considering a cosmetic surgery procedure.

There are many women who literally dread going to the gynecologist for a variety of reasons and many of them are all figments of our imagination.

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable around your doctor. If this is the case, and it is not due to your own personal issues you may, be seeing the wrong doctor.

Ensuring that you have the right doctor who makes you feel comfortable, who is knowledgeable, board certified and someone that you can trust and rely on is tantamount to making you feel like you and your health are in good hands.

 David Ghozland, a board-certified OB/GYN based in LA, is just one example of a doctor that is known for patient satisfaction amongst other positives. Ensure you take the time to find the right doctor for you own needs and what is important to you and you will feel a lot better about your annual visits.

You Haven’t Shaved

Although you may feel not so fresh or clean if you haven’t waxed, shaved, or been keeping up with your laser appointments, your doctor is most likely not concerned with this. Their main goal is keeping you and your vagina healthy. If it makes you feel better about getting to your appointment, put in the extra time that it takes to get yourself in order down there and you will no longer have this issue!

You Have Your Period

You wake up on the day of your appointment and you notice that your monthly visitor has arrived. Gynecologists are used to dealing with bodily fluids and a little blood surely isn’t going to throw them off.

You may want to call the office to see what the doctor says as some testing and results may be affected while on your period, but if you are just starting or at the tail end of your period it really shouldn’t be an issue.

You Are Not in a Monogamous Relationship

You don’t have to feel embarrassed to be honest about your sex life when it comes to visiting your OB/GYN.

Although you don’t have to dish out every single detail to your doctor, you really do need to be honest with him or her when they ask you about your sexual habits, if you utilize protection, and if you have more than a few partners.

Try to start considering your gynecologist’s office as a no judgement zone. The doctors and staff are not there to judge you, they are there to do what’s best for your gynecological and overall health. It’s better to be honest because if there is any type of health issue, chances are the doctor will be the first to spot it.

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