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This is How DasCoin is Gearing for Public Exchange

After trading internally via DasExchange for a year, DasCoin will be live-trading on a public platform from March 31st, 2018. This is great news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who wished there was a public way to make money trading the token, or to convert the digital currency to fiat money through a public exchange.

So what is the company doing to make the public exchange goal a reality?

Currently, the “Securities Portion” of DasNet’s blockchain supports dealings in equity, private markets, crowdfunding, debt, and derivatives. Being traded on public markets will help the cryptocurrency scale, but can it handle the expansion without eroding the good user experience current users have now?


  • Deploying a Cryptography-Based Electronic Communications Network


The ECN technology is the first-of-its-kind—the world’s first ECN implementation in the cryptocurrency industry. Electronic Communications Network (ECN) is an exchange trading technology that carries the “buy” and “sell” orders of commercial instruments for traders, including small-time clients, banks, and brokers.

ECN technology works by displaying a clients’ orders directly to the exchange or market without a broker’s interference. There are no restrictions imposed on a client’s trading strategies (including scalping) and they can trade one-on-one with a market’s liquidity providers.

This will help DasNet scale its exchange platform and allow users to trade on the same platform as the world’s largest foreign exchange trading banks.

Besides, the ECN technology allows traders to hook up their third-party plugins and take advantage of relevant and convenient services, such as MetaTrader (MT4).


  • Ultra-Fast Trading with DasCoin Backed by Foolproof Security


One of the little annoyances experienced when using a cryptocurrency exchange platform is how slow things can get. It can take precious time to execute trade transactions in the market.

However, NetLeaders are promising to keep their fast internal exchange speed to the public platform when it launches in Zurich, Switzerland on March 31st. They have been able to maintain this on DasExchange, but will this be the case for the larger, public marketplace?

In their white paper (pgs. 30 & 33), the company explains that they are setting the public exchange infrastructure to work 20% faster than other exchanges, such as Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

To power that, they are polishing up on their blockchain-based technology that should utilize a “best-bid, best offer-matching engine” to help match traders to their preferred trading opportunities. That should help save retail traders, banks, and brokers a chunk of valuable time.


  • Smart Order Routing


To further make it possible to take on massive numbers of traders, as well as maintain seamless and fast trading experiences, DasCoin has already developed an order-routing function for DasNet that seeks to help users to process transactions and receive confirmation in milliseconds.

Currently the blockchain has the capacity to process about 100,000 transactions per second and process payments in just six seconds. This makes them one the fastest blockchain technologies on the market right now.

With these network capabilities, DasCoin’s transition to the public exchange could just be what it is meant to be. We can‘t wait to see the whole mechanization fly off the paper and play out in real life.



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