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The Latest Medications in Women’s Healthcare

Women’s healthcare has come a long way in a very short amount of time. The expansion of technology and medical research brings a lot more knowledge of women’s health conditions and how to treat them. New medications that target female health and well-being are constantly being approved by the FDA for safe public use. Here we highlight just a few of the newest groundbreaking drugs now on the market for the betterment of women everywhere.

GHRPs: Weight Loss


Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide (GHRP) is a type of amino acid chain that is getting a lot of attention for its ability to aid in weight loss while maintaining a high safety profile. When injected into the body, GHRP increases the secretion of human growth hormone (HGH), a key player in metabolism and fat loss. Ipamorelin is currently the most multipurpose and well-tolerated GHRP on the market. Dosages usually start at 200-300 mcg per day and are best taken at the same time each day. After 8 weeks, you and your doctor can discuss if increasing your daily dose is right for you. Another bonus to this miracle med? GHRPs has been shown to help promote lean muscle mass, healthy skin, hair, and nails, and can lower blood pressure


Zulresso: Post-partum Depression


Post-partum depression is more common than one might think. As many as 50-75 percent of new moms experience depressed mood, or “baby blues”, after delivery. Up to 15 percent of these women will go on to have a diagnosis or post-partum depression and some will even need to be hospitalized. Zulresso is a medication just recently approved by the FDA that provides relief for women experiencing severe post-baby mood changes by modulating the GABA receptors in the body. Because Zulresso is only provided in an intravenous solution, this revolutionary new medication is only given in an in-patient or hospital setting.


Evenity: Osteoporosis


Studies suggest that as many as one in two women will experience a bone fracture due to osteoporosis in their lifetime. Mainly affecting post-menopausal women, osteoporosis is a condition that occurs when the body loses or doesn’t make enough bone. As a result, bones become weak and put women at risk of injury. Evenity is a drug that can help women whose risk of fracture is higher or that have failed other available osteoporosis treatment. Evenity is a monoclonal antibody that inhibits sclerostin, a glycoprotein that usually works against building up bone mass. Therapy with Evenity can last up to 12 months. However, there is no need for daily dosages as this innovative medicine only needs to be administered once a month.

Women’s care and reproductive health is a huge point of concern in the medical field since women have unique and specific healthcare needs. Whether it’s researching cures for breast cancer, infertility, or menstrual disorders, everyday medical providers and scientists are learning more about what changes or advances need to be made in order for women to receive the best care possible. Be sure to speak with your healthcare provider about how to maximize your health and well-being.

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