The Best Sites to Get Free Samples From

There are plenty of different ways to get your hands on free samples, but the advent of the internet has made it far easier for savvy shoppers to get free stuff. Now, other shoppers can share the sources of their freebies with others so that everyone can benefit. In today’s article, we’re going to explore some of the top sites that you can get a free sample from.

We’ll provide a short description of each free sample website so that you can select that one that seems like it will be most likely to direct you to the products that you’re looking for. We’ll also explore how frequently each site is updated and whether or not they’ll send coupons directly to you through email.

Free Stuff

As the name suggests Free Stuff was founded as a way for as many people as possible to get their hands on the latest samples. Free Stuff is designed to keep your sample finding experience as organized as possible by grouping the various free samples that they have on offer into categories.

Instead of going through one long list of available products, you can refine your search so that you’ll find free samples that you actually care about. Be sure to check back every day to see the new free samples and product additions.

Sample a Day

Why go shopping when you can get freebies in your mailbox every day? True to their name, Sample A Day will give you links straight to each free sample so you don’t have to do any digging around to find it yourself. The daily updates help keep you posted about any new products that have since become free samples.

Some examples of the types of things you can find on Sample A Day include free subscriptions to services like Amazon Prime, which will give you free two-day shipping to any address in the US. Other products you’ll find on offer include video games and even computer accessories.

Women Freebies

Women Freebies is a site that is designed to provide free samples that women may be interested in. Many of the products you’ll find on this site are designed for women’s health, though you’ll also find cosmetics and many other product types, some of which don’t appeal exclusively to women.

Seeing as you can find freebies and coupons for things like dog food and pizza, you may want to check this site out for free samples, even if you aren’t a woman.

I Love Free Things

The last website we’re going to look at for free samples is I Love Free Things. This site has been showcased on the media, and it’s one of the most popular sources of free samples for savvy spenders. One of the best things about I Love Free Things is that it will direct you straight to the companies that are offering the samples you may be interested in.

Some examples of the samples you’ll find at I Love Free Things include makeup, fragrances, and subscriptions to magazines.

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