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The Best of Rolex Speedmaster Racing Chronograph Black Steel 40mm


The exploration of unknown lands has always made men fantasize. The Rolex Submariner watch also. Subject of all the discussions between amateurs, the Rolex Submariner is the luxury watch necessary for any man of action.

So, whether you’re conquering the sea bed or attending a cocktail party, the Submariner is your best ally. Thanks to its incredible robustness and the unique know-how of Rolex, the “Sub” is a watch that remains reliable in all circumstances but also a safe and sustainable investment.

A little explanation of why we love him so much.

A historical watch

The speedmaster racing chronograph black steel 40mm is, for 60 years, one of Rolex ‘s most coveted and timeless. This watch of the seas has become with the years, a reference for the divers of the whole world.

Precursor, Rolex created the Submariner in the 50’s to meet the needs of professional divers but also by this desire to explore the ocean floor.

Agood investment

In addition to being an exceptional product, the Rolex Submariner has an excellent reputation in the second hand market for many years.

The Rolex Submariner watches used are indeed very popular with fans, whether indeed the latest models or models that is no longer in production today. Especially since Rolex has increased in recent times, its prices significantly. Example: a model black steel 40mm LN nine is worth to date 7400 €, which represents an increase of 550 € for the same model compared to last year. It must also be said that the brand maintains its rarity by producing only a limited number of watches and that it happens that fans of the brand do not separate once the graal on the wrist!

Of these used Rolex Submariner, some are exploding all the scores, being very, much sought after. We think of course the reference 6538, worn by Sean Connery in James Bond, Good Kissing Russia, mythical. Followed by the Royal Navy Submariner 5513 designed for the British army in the 60s. The Submariner 5513 Comex are also superb models, sought after by collectors. To consider also, if you wish to acquire one of these rare watches: the ref. 1680, say Submariner Red, the Rolex Submariner 5512.

An excellent diving watch

The Submariner has become the indispensable watchmaking instrument for exploring the underwater world, achieving new performances, and pushing one’s own limits. Certified waterproof to 300 m and equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel, it allows divers to accurately measure their dive time and decompression stops. In addition to being able to control his time, the bezel with notched edges provides excellent maneuverability underwater, and the indexes and hands have excellent visibility thanks to Chromalight. All divers will confirm it. Pros and casuals

The assurance of Rolex know-how

In terms of watchmaking Rolex offers extremely reliable watch models, particularly thanks to a mastery of the production line and an excellent manufacturing movement.

Rolex designs and manufactures in-house all the essential components of its watches, from the casting of gold alloys to the assembly of the elements of the movement, the case, the dial and the bracelet, through the machining and finishing.

Everyday, Everywhere: between dives and cocktails

A mix of elegance and sportswear style, the Rolex Submariner offers men of action the opportunity to be comfortable underwater and in the evening. This underwater watch is perfect for the tuxedo. But not only, in everyday life you can quite wear your Submariner in casual mode, and continue to fantasize your colleagues.

The sub is therefore enough “sport” to go to the beach and elegant enough to have been chosen by Roger Moore in Live and let die first film in which the Rolex Submariner 5513 saves the bet of the spy more than once.

We remember the famous unidirectional bezel equipped with sharp teeth like a circular saw. Or the fact that the super gadget releases a magnetic field capable of diverting balls, to waltz metal objects and even slide the zipper of sexy dresses. But that’s another story.

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