The 3 Basics To Living a Healthy Non-Toxic Lifestyle

When it comes to living a healthy non-toxic lifestyle stick to the basics: eat clean, hydrate, and exercise. What you’re going to learn in this article is how these three modalities will improve your health and get you on the road to a toxic-free life.

Monitor Your Fluid Intake: Less Alcohol and More Water!

One of the simplest ways to start living a healthy lifestyle is to drink more water. Roughly 83 percent of the blood volume in your body is made of water. Additionally, water is a necessary component to carry out all the chemical reactions in your body, like your metabolism. Too many people are letting beer, liquor, and wine enter their bodies every single day whether it is in small amount or excess, it is very unhealthy. Alcohol dehydrates the body, has a lot of calories, and can put you at risk to long term health issues. More information on alcohol’s effect on the human body is everywhere including this case study where Luminance discusses the effects of alcoholism on the body.

Setting Aside Enough Time Everyday To Exercise

Exercise – especially aerobic activities like spin classes – is great because it causes you to sweat which releases toxins through the skin. Exercise doesn’t just get you buff though. It helps strengthen your heart and stave off a slew of preventable diseases too. When you add up all of the positive benefits of implementing aerobic exercise into your daily schedule its silly not to. You will get deeper sleep that will rejuvenate your body and increase your mental alertness to take on the next day. It helps you fight against the natural decline in physical performance that comes along with old age. The increase in blood flow helps invigorate the detox center of your body like your liver, kidneys, and lungs. And if you’re prone to depression it can increase the serotonin levels in your brain, which drastically improves mood.

You should always consult with your doctor before engaging in any vigorous physical activity. However, by just incorporating a 10-minute walk into your daily regimen you can dramatically improve your health.

Types of Exercise

There are literally hundreds of exercises, but biking and yoga provide transformative benefits that just about anyone can partake in despite their athletic ability. If you have joint issues, biking is a suitable alternative to running and will get you a vigorous cardio workout. Bike riding will mostly develop your lower body, but if you stand on the pedals while climbing hills, you can get a satisfying upper body workout.

Although yoga is a great restorative exercise as rehab, it can also improve mental stamina and physical endurance. For those caught in the snare of drugs and alcohol, yoga can act as a healthy deterrent to engaging in such addictive substances. Lastly, if you’re elderly, or looking stave off the physical rigidity that comes with old age, this ancient Indian practice can help as it protects you from back pain and arthritis.

Eat Well

You are what you eat. The best way to govern what you put into your body is to prepare your own meals at home. When buying ready-made food there is no telling what you’re putting into your body. By making your own food you can monitor every single ingredient in your food supply.

Purchasing organic food products free of harmful pesticides and refined sugars will not only eliminate most toxins from your diet but ensure that you are getting nutrient-rich foods into your system.

Processed foods are loaded with refined sugars and hydrogenated fats. These types of cankerous additives can lead to serious health problems down the road and contaminate a healthy lifestyle.

Food isn’t the only thing you should consider buying organic. Even removing toxins from the items you use to clean your home can greatly improve your health. Consider using natural, chemical-free cleaning products to sanitize your abode. Also, the items that directly come into contact with your skin like lotion, makeup, and hair products should equally be considered. The reason being is that your skin is the largest organ on your body and can easily absorb toxins.

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