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Take Advantage of The Awesome Features of Apple’s AirPods

You know what’s so awesome about tech? Every new update and innovation has the potential to shake up the market. For instance, most who have studied the history of our mobiles today would say that the IBM Simon paved the way for our phones to become what they are now. It was the first one to have both telephone and PDA features, which led companies like Nokia and Ericsson to improve on the phones capabilities. Fast forward to today, tech giants like Apple have done all the research and anticipated society’s needs to bring us the most state-of-the-art mobiles.

This also applies to our accessories. Now our watches can sync with our phones through Bluetooth so we can check messages or skip a song without going to the trouble of fishing it out of our pockets and bags. Indeed, the same is true for the Apple Airpods which is popular in Australia right now at Harvey Norman. While it did not necessarily introduce smart headphones in the market since, it did make push further into mainstream use.

General Reception to the Apple AirPods

Like all new releases, there were mixed reactions when Apple decided to forego the jack, replacing it with the Bluetooth enabled pods. Users will have to make sure that the pods and its case are well-charged so that they can use it for the whole day; this is on top of making sure their phone charge is enough to support Bluetooth use for the whole day.

However, once people got use to the habit if charging both AirPodsand case, the negative reactions started waning. Most users have given positive feedback on their AirPod use, and if you are still on the fence about it, here are some of its awesome features.

Easy pairing with iCloud capabilities

One of the biggest reasons why people do not like Bluetooth devices is because of how tedious pairing is. Apple developed a way around this by making use of their own w1 chip needed for Bluetooth, and make connectivity as easy as pushing a button on the AirPod charging case.

Once you pair your AirPod with an Apple device, it will automatically sync that pairing across all your Apple devices which makes use of your iCloud. This removes the unnecessary ritual of pairing it with each device. The AirPods can automatically detect if you have switched devices, so you will not have to worry about your content playing in the background while you are on a call in a different device.

Moreover, you can easily pause your music just by taking out one AirPod. It can also switch to mono, from stereo, if you started listening with just one AirPod.

Five hours of juice in one charge

When it comes to Apple products, the main criticism is usually their battery capacity. It may be a glitch on the update or the controversial intentional battery drains, but this is an area Apple is still trying to address. But the good news is that you do not have to worry about running out of juice with the AirPods since it is capable of running for five hours straight in one full charge.

Additionally, the AirPodcase holds 24 hours worth of battery life in one full charge. Once you see that your AirPods need more power, just give it 15 minutes in the case and you will get 3 hours worth of life.

Easy access to AI assistant

Most people are so busy they need digital assistants for some of the more menial tasks. With the AirPods, access to Siri has never been so easy. Just a tap wakes the AI up and is ready to perform any number of tasks like calling someone, adjusting audio volume, getting directions, and so on.

The best feature yet is you can use AirPods with an Android device, just pair it the old fashioned way. Once you get the hang of charging and using the AirPods, you will forget about the wired EarPods and instead enjoy the many advantages of Apple’s wireless listening.


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