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Start New Year with a New You & a Giveaway

Happy New Year Loves.  Today is our do-over day.  It’s the day we all make promises to become better people and do better things in our lives.  I always set the same goals each and every January, I want to learn to cook and I want to lose weight.  But this year my goals are going to be a little different.  This year I decided to set goals that will make me happy and help me enjoy life instead of put a restraint on my current lifestyle.

What do you want to do better in the New Year?

This year I set one New Year’s resolution and two personal goals.  A resolution is something that I want to change in my lifestyle; hopefully it will become a new way of life for many years to come after 2014 is long gone.  Goals are specific things that I am going to work towards and achieve during 2014; they are spot targets while resolutions are ongoing.

My resolution this year is to be less dependent on food, remember that? I know you are probably thinking that 33 years of binge eating can’t be stopped just because it’s January, but this time I am going to give a solid effort in trying to change the way I think about food.  That’s the thing about setting goals and resolutions; sometimes we just micro manage them when we should be looking at the bigger picture.  Wanting to lose weight is a micro goal while changing my entire food mentality and seeing how it affects my life is definitely looking at it with a bird’s eye.

Mark my word friends, this year I’m going becoming less emotionally dependent on food and hopefully it will snowball into a whole other bunch of benefits such as weight loss, being more active and finding new hobbies.

Become a better version of you with our giveaway

Maybe your personal resolutions this year are to work out more and take better care of yourself; maybe your personal goals this year are to lose weight and change your physical appearance.  If that’s the case your friends at Blonde & Balanced are here to help. 

If you want to exercise more in 2014 you will need a really great exercise outfit.  Luckily our friends at Ellie want to help you look cute and be comfortable while you work out because they are giving away a complete outfit of your choice.

Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to try a new look and if so you will need some help from a beauty expert.   The lovely ladies at Be a Bombshell Cosmetics are going to give one lucky winner a box full of makeup to help you get your sexy on this year.

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