Spring Eyewear Trends

Every season new trends emerge in clothes and eyewear, especially during spring and summer. As spring approaches, many people overhaul their winter wardrobes to welcome warmer weather. While people are switching out jeans and sweaters for dresses and shorts, these aren’t the only items getting swapped. Eyewear is trendy in warmer weather and should be considered to update a look. Many spring eyewear trends help bring together outfits and make a statement. 

Oversized Frames

Oversized frames have always been a popular eyewear style. Recently, they started trending again, and retail sales of these particular frames skyrocketed due to the recent pandemic. 

One reason for this sales boom is larger frames that cover half of the face supposedly add extra protection from the virus itself. Of course, nothing is more protective than a face mask; however, oversized frames allow you to step out in style during a time where normalcy is rare. 

Not only do oversized frames give extra protection from the virus, but they also add UV protection from harmful sun rays. They work well for casual days with little worry about getting ready or wearing makeup, as these frames typically cover and take attention away from your face. 

Larger frames also provide better eye coverage, and the industry expects them to continue to grow in popularity for their protective attributes and face-framing effect. 


Transparent eyewear became more popular over the last year, with clear frames staying relevant in the beginning months of 2021. The different variations on transparent rims like color, tints, and shape modifications make this style more versatile. 

Although they aren’t as protective of the face as oversized frames, they are still stylish and add a touch of versatility to your wardrobe. There are a few benefits that come with wearing transparent eyewear, including: 

  • Improved vision in obscure and darker areas 
  • Improved vision during rainstorms 
  • Sharper vision due to reduced pupil dilation

Just like oversized frames, transparent eyewear is also the perfect option for anyone going for a more natural look that isn’t too excessive. It’s a generally simple eyewear style, especially if they aren’t customized with color or tints. 


Unique and vintage styles like cat eyes and “dad glasses” are back in this season. Retro styles bring back a nostalgic feeling that’s only seeing a rise in popularity. Rounded glasses also saw an uptick in popularity the past year and come in a wide range of designs and styles. Novelty design elements like crystal embellishments or bright-colored lenses are the perfect touch to a unique eyewear style. 

Retro eyewear frames are also durable, and all ages can rock them. If wearers buy the real deal, they will find most retro eyewear is vintage, which is excellent for the environment and keeps fashionable pieces out of the landfill. With a classic, timeless design, retro eyewear can be unisex, and both men and women can impress with these unique pieces. 


Trendsetting designer glasses will attract special attention in spring 2021. Superbrands like Gucci and Versace never go out of style, meaning there will be even more long-lasting styles released this year. 

The best aspect of designer glasses is that they are probably one of the most durable eyewear styles on the market. The high price indicates high quality, as these frames are made with durable material and scratch-resistant lenses. 

Most designer eyewear also has better UV protection, which is especially essential for the spring and summer seasons. Most designer brands offer UV protection of 400 or more, needed to prevent severe eye damage. 

Embrace Eyewear Trends

When it comes to reinventing your style, don’t forget the eyewear. Whether designer or not, everyone has different visual preferences and finding the right glasses has never been more straightforward. When looking for trendy eyewear, always remember to find glasses that will protect your eyes and are stylish at the same time. Sometimes protection is more important than fashion, but you never need to choose one or the other. 

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