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Revitalize Your Living Room with These Design Tips

Ever sat in your living room, looked around and thought: ‘I need to change things up in here’?

After all, the living room is the prime space for relaxing with family and entertaining guests. So, if you think it doesn’t possess the right atmosphere, it could be the sign that points towards the notion of redesigning this space of your home.

While there could be a variety of reasons as to why revitalization is the way to go – perhaps it is showing wear and tear or is dated regarding appearance – the following tips will help to give you an idea of how to refresh your living room.

Get rid of the clutter 

It is only natural that as you accumulate an assortment of possessions over the years, they will become permanent residents of your living room. This can also potentially leave the room being cramped and cluttered. The solution? Well, you have to be ruthless (and become a hoarder’s nightmare); getting rid of everything that isn’t essential. Not only is this the cheapest way to enhance your living room, but it can also produce great results with very little effort.

Get moving

No, that doesn’t mean abandoning all hope and moving house. This indicates that you could consider rearranging the furniture of the living room. In fact, if you combine this with the previously mentioned decluttering, you can get a strong sense of how to really change things up. Furniture is not the only thing up for debate when it comes to moving things around, either. Although these are larger undertakings, to say the least, you might even muse about moving a radiator or losing a doorway – they are small changes in the grand scheme of things, yet they may make a large difference overall.

Take inspiration from luxury

Now we know that not many have the budget to buy a slice of ‘luxury’, but this doesn’t mean you cannot be motivated by a luxury designer and their work. After all, it doesn’t cost anything to look at designs by renowned figures such as Marcel Wanders and Peter Marino, and then taking inspiration from their color schemes, furnishings and use of space. Furthermore, and while a single chair that they use could cost more than your entire living room renovation, you could still accurately reproduce one of their designs with some budget-friendly alterations.

Let there be light

You might be shocked by how much changing up your curtain arrangement helps with natural lighting. If your windows are currently covered by heavy curtains, simply swapping these out with blinds will result in much more daylight entering your living room. With that said, sunlight is not the only way to brighten up your room. Purchasing a few lamps and strategically placing them in the room can prove to have a significant effect in transforming your room. Even less extensive, you may just alter your current light shade/s – doing so can noticeably help with either increasing or decreasing the room’s brightness.

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