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Preventative Pet Care can Help You Avoid High Costs

Pet health is just as important as your health. Taking the proper steps to keeping your pet healthy is beneficial to your pocketbook, as an emergency trip to the vet can be quite expensive. Unfortunately, some families have no idea where to get the money from and essentially have to take out a loan or give up their pet because they can’t afford to care for them. The best way to ensure that you don’t incur too many expenses with pet care, it is ideal that you take preventative measures.

Tips for Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Pets get sick just like people do. They can get medical conditions that include arthritis, kidney disease, heart disease, and more.  To avoid these types of financial emergencies, consider being proactive by using these tips below:

Keep regular checkups with the vet – To avoid those emergency vet visits it is ideal to keep regular checkups with the vet.  Pet insurance can help with these routine visits. They can cover items such as vaccinations and general pet health wellness checks. Your pet should have annual physicals to help catch any health problems early on. This way your vet can make you aware of things like dog arthritis symptoms or how to help a cat with kidney disease which can be key to preventing costly emergency bills.

Ensure that your pet is eating the right diet – Make sure to select a type of pet food that meets all of their nutritional needs. Some types of food are formulated for the lifestyle of your pet. For example, there is indoor cat food available. This type of food is designed to help with watching your cat’s weight. Since most indoor cats don’t tend to get enough exercise, they can pack on some extra pounds. Select a dog food that has the right amount of nutrients and calories needed based on their activity level. Your vet can make recommendations for a healthy weight for your pet, and if their food needs to be changed to maintain that goal. For older animals, there are supplements available that can help to keep them healthy longer.

Make sure that your pet exercises – Exercise for you and your pet is vital. It is fairly easy to get your dog out of the house for exercise. Taking them for a walk can be beneficial. If you live near a dog park, this is a better form of exercise for your dog. It allows them the freedom to run around and really stretch their legs. If your dog is agreeable, try playing fetch. You can exercise your cat by encouraging active playtime. This can be done with toys or a laser pointer. Even older cats like the thrill of the hunt. Just get your pets up and moving around to keep them healthy.

Sometimes pets can experience an emergency just like people. Maybe your dog was hit by a car, or your cat got into a fight. These types of vet visits can be extremely costly. Your pet may require surgery. While having pet insurance can help to alleviate some of the expense associated with this event, you may still be left with a large bill. Some emergencies are harder to avoid than others. Those examples may be rare instances in most pet’s lives. Many vet emergencies are due to pets not receiving preventative care. Maintaining your pet’s health should be a priority to avoid these financial emergencies and keep the cost of pet ownership down.

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