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Party Like it’s 2019: 6 Tips to Throw a Party Everyone Remembers

Being the life of the party is one thing. But throwing an epic party that people will remember is the dream.

Just imagine it. The food and drinks are flowing. The beats are on point. And your friends are having the time of their lives.

But how do you turn this dream a reality?

It’s actually easier than you may think. Let’s look at 6 tips you can use to throw a party everyone will remember.

1. Don’t Overthink It

It’s easy to stress yourself out way before the party begins. So do yourself a favor – relax and get organized!

Cut the worry of forgetting something by making out a list. Write down all needed supplies and tasks. Then draw out a schedule to keep yourself on track.

When it’s out of mind and on paper, you’ll keep yourself organized without driving yourself insane.

2. Perfect Your Guest List

It’s the people who make a party. So you want to be sure you invite a good mix of different personalities with chemistry’s that match well.

Bring in some good conversation starters. Have a variety of backgrounds and experiences. And sprinkle in a couple lively souls that will keep the party’s energy up well into the night.

3. First Impressions Count

When you throw a party, the invitations are the first thing people see. So set the mood right from the beginning!

Create your own invitations. This way you can personalize it to each guest and customize it exactly to your party’s theme.

When it’s party time, make sure your guests feel welcome. Position yourself close to the door to give everyone a warm greeting.

And having a drink in hand will put them instantly at ease. Place food and drink close by that they can easily grab on their way in.

4. Keep It Simple

The key to knowing how to throw a good party is by keeping it simple. Because when things get overly complicated, guests can get overwhelmed and things will go oh so wrong.

Don’t make your guests mix their own drinks. Offer pitchers or bowls of pre-made drinks ready. Or better yet, get a bartender.

Having platters of food and hors-d’oeuvres keep serving easy for you. Plus, it gets your guests mingling together and lets them grab whatever their hearts desire.

5. Set the Mood with Music

Sure, having a great playlist is essential to a good party. But kick it up a notch by varying the beats to help the party flow.

Upbeat, fun tunes are great for welcoming your guests and getting the party started. Then when it’s time to put the party in full swing, bring out the real dance makers. Followed by slower songs when it’s time to wind things down.

And don’t be afraid to turn it up a little louder than you first think. It is a party, after all.

6. Mix It up

Nothing can drag a party down quite like having nothing to do than hours of endless mingling. Mix it up with fun activities!

Photo booths are always a big hit. Or offer fun games with the added bonus of prizes. You can even have a special performance or bring out a fun cake for a special occasion.

Throw a Party That Keeps Them Talking

Nobody wants to throw the downer party of the century. And with these tips, you won’t have to worry about that. In fact, everyone will be asking you to throw a party again!

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