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Paribus Review: An Evolving Money Saving App

Have you heard of Paribus? Free money? Is it too good to be true?

No, it’s not.

I first started using Paribus many years ago when they were an Amazon-focused app. Since then, though, they have pivoted slightly. My Paribus review reflects my overall experience but focuses on who and what they are right now. Paribus is, as you may have heard, a money-saving app. It is meant to be saving you money while creating no more work for you.

How It Works

Like the latin adjective par (meaning equal) Paribus works on a price arbitrage model. If you buy something and the price drops, the Paribus app uses a robot to apply for a refund and splits the refunded amount with you. Paribus links your online shopping accounts to your Paribus account. This means authorizing Paribus to full access of your email account. They track your online spending receipts by seeing what confirmation emails come in to you. This allows them to keep tabs on the things you have bought. In fact, if you log in to your Paribus dashboard you can see all the things you’ve bought online.

With Paribus you can also link your Amazon account to be even more sure that you’re getting everything out of your Paribus account that you can. I loved that I can log into my Paribus account and see past purchases. Even better, I loved that I could log into my account and see past Amazon purchases and why and when they were eligible or ineligible for a price decrease by Paribus. Here is an example:

In our household, Casey goes through a lot of K Cups and he pretty much only drinks Black Silk. That means that when I find a good price on Black Silk K Cups, I buy them in bulk. I like that I could see this purchase (I purposefully chose an old one) and I could see why it wasn’t eligible for price protection- in this case, because it was sold by a third party.

Paribus also lets me see what I might be able to get from some of my credit cards. Here’s an example:

In this case, Paribus can’t do the work for me, since I need to actively engage with my credit card provider to try to get money back, if that’s relevant. In this case, since there is no price drop, there’s no reason to, but it’s cool to know that the option is there.

If you get money back, Paribus takes a percentage, but since that was money you already spent, I’m okay with them taking a slice.

Paribus Review: My Experience

There are lots of apps that promise to be “free money.” For the most part, they feel scammy and disappointing, but this Paribus review tells a different story. Here is proof:

Did you see that? Yes! I’ve actually saved and gotten nearly $15 back. That’ $15 that I had already spent! Getting it back makes it found money.

Think of it this way: If I had spent $59.95 on K Cups, that money comes from our grocery budget. If I were to get even just $2 back from Paribus, I am getting money that I had already spent. I can decide whether to assign that $2 back to my grocery line in the budget or somewhere else.

The biggest advantage to Paribus is that it requires basically no work. Paribus will search the purchases you’ve already made and if they can find you extra money, it will. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using Paribus.

How to Sign Up

Sign up for Paribus here. Remember, they ask for access to your email and credit card right away so they can get started searching for you as soon as possible! If you’re worried about this, Paribus’s webpage says they use bank level encryption so you should at least decently protected.

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