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Pampering Doesn’t Have to Lead to the Poorhouse

Girls, and blondes in particular, love to be pampered and have a little fun! There is nothing wrong with that. However, being a blonde on a budget I need to make sure that whatever I pamper myself on is at a discount. I’m by no means a New York socialite. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy treating myself like one from time to time. There are those guilty pleasures in life that I simply have decided I can’t go without. The typical finance guru will tell you not to splurge on the daily latte, but I love them and make no apologies for my routine visits to Starbucks. They will also tell you that getting a massage every week is costly and can easily be cut out of your household budget. Regardless, I enjoy them and think they actually provide some very generous health benefits. Then there’s the monthly manicure and pedicure. Ok, so I don’t see any particular health benefit to this, but I like feeling good about how I look. Like I said earlier, just because I prefer to not go without, doesn’t mean I’m willing to break the bank on these extras in life.

Rewards Cards are Where It’s At

I love going to Starbucks, and if I need to cut $5 out of my daily expenses then I can simply do it elsewhere.  Wherever you purchase your guilty pleasures from, just make sure they have a loyalty program that provides rewards for their regular customers. Fortunately, Starbucks has an excellent reward program. The more you buy, the more “stars” you earn. I currently have plenty of stars and free lattes coming my way over the next several weeks. Hey, it’s money I would’ve spent anyways, so I might as well get something back for free.

Coupons and Promotional Deals

I love getting massages! If you haven’t ever had one then you are living without. Often times Groupon will have promotional deals for first time visitors at places like Massage Green and Massage Envy, where you pay 1/2 price for your first visit. These places are usually franchised as well, which means you can skip around to their various locations as a “first time” visitor and keep receiving the same great deal. Perhaps clothing is your guilty pleasure. That’s precisely when sites like Coupon Sherpa come in handy. Get this code and take advantage of phenomenal deals at Express for the upcoming summer season.

Manicures and Pedicures are Luxurious

Ok…so I don’t have any money saving wisdom when it comes to the mani’s  and pedi’s! I just love getting them and I’m willing to allow a few extra dollars in my budget dedicated to them. I simply shop out the better priced and better quality locations around me.

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