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Pampered Pooch: 5 Great Ways You Can Treat Your Dog

While too many pet owners devote time to worrying about their pets’ emotional states, it turns out there are some basic emotions that dogs can feel.

If you want to treat your dog, you can make your dog feel loved and cared for with some simple treats, walking services, or gifts. While they might not be as closely connected to what this means as a human would, they know when they’re loved.

Here are five ways to treat your dog this year.

1. Puppy Day Spa

One of the best ways to ensure that your puppy feels pampered is to bring them to a day spa. It’s a nice way to treat them well and get them groomed without getting your hands dirty. And if you like the feeling of being complimented for your dog’s appearance without having to do a thing, this is the way to go.

A puppy day spa ensures that your dog gets all of the care that it needs while getting a professional and attractive cleaning. Most dogs look better with the right hair cut and your pup is certainly no exception. A dog that has the right cut looks better and gets a lot more compliments, making people treat them nicely.

While a dog might not completely understand what’s happening at a spa, they know what it means to be treated nicely, gently, and to be cleaned and cared for. They like the feeling of being groomed, massaged, and treated nicely. If you take care of your puppy, they’re going to feel loved, which is important to making any animal feel good.

2. Training Camp

Even though it might seem like a treat just for you as the human, training your dog is a great way to allow your pets to feel more secure. When they know what you expect of them and what it takes to get a treat, they’re going to feel much better and calmer. One thing that causes anxiety in pets is when you make demands of them and they struggle to meet your requests.

Training camp also allows them to learn from another human. They get interaction with someone else who can help them to learn how to move through the world. They’ll interact better with everyone once they know their place in it.

As an owner, you also get to learn new ways to deal with your dog. It’s painful to try to communicate with your dog and hit a wall each time. If your pet can’t understand what you’re asking of it, it’s going to be a headache for both of you.

3. CBD Treats

While this is a fairly new type of product in the pet treat world, it’s a type of treat with a powerful impact. CBD has been shown to offer treatment for anxiety, depression, and inflammation in humans. It turns out that dogs get many of the same benefits when they take CBD.

CBD is what results when you remove the THC from marijuana but leave all of the positive chemical elements. You’re not giving your dog any of the elements of marijuana that causes you to feel high or to have psychedelic interactions. All that’s left behind are the pieces of the chemical that inhibit stress.

If your dog has any kind of anxiety when you leave the house or when they’re not near you, you can fix that. You can give them CBD in the form of a familiar treat to ensure they feel happy and safe at all times.

4. A Professional Dog Walker

While you might do everything you can to make your dog feel loved and cared for, it’s important for you to make sure your dog spends enough time outside. Even if you walk them for an hour a day, going to work for 8-9 hours leaves them all alone. Having a professional dog walker come by is a small but powerful treat for them to allow them to see more of the world.

Even the most adventurous people among us have our habits and patterns. When we walk our pets, we take them on the same or similar routes each day. It’s important to mix things up for your sanity and the sake of your dog.

Every dog likes the chance to smell new things, see new things, hear new birds, and get a broader view of the world. If you don’t offer your dog the chance to explore, they won’t be able to to make new synapses that keep them from forming dementia.

You can keep them happy and grounded by hiring professional dog walking services.

5. Trips Abroad

If you’re a traveler, you might go some places where it’s untenable to bring a dog. However, if you’re just taking a weekend in Canada, you can bring your dog along to ensure that they get to see the sights with you.

Do some research before you sign your dog up for a trip. You might need to pay an extra fee for transportation or to get them a passport. However, it’s important for you to be able to bring your dog along on extended journeys.

When you travel with your dog, you form a stronger connection with them. Dogs are very emotional and can feel loved when you bring them on trips with you.

Treat Your Dog With Respect

When you treat your dog with respect and care, they will give it all back to you. There’s no more emotional pet than a dog and if you give them love, they’ll respond positively every time.

If your dog is getting older, check out our guide to ensure that you treat it the way it needs to be treated.

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