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New Year, New Car? Here’s All You Need to Know Before You Make The Purchase

Holidays always bring excitement to everyone’s home as there are massive discounts and various offers available on almost all the products. During new year festival, many companies launch their latest car models and variants; therefore, making new year an ideal time for purchase. If you wish to gift your loved ones something useful and memorable at the same time, purchasing a car is a perfect idea. It will always bring joy to your family or your partner for whom you’ve purchased. This is especially true if you go for the reveal of the keys within a box or covered in a ribbon. You can take them on long drives, or they can drive you around the best places where they’ve always wanted to go. The shiny new paint, smooth rides, and sparkling dashboard will always make everyone happy. However, there is a list of things that you must consider before making a move. You must consider the design range, best features suitable for you and your loved ones, and the right car insurance while you decide to purchase.

Things to Consider Before Buying A New Car

Buying a car is a crucial decision to make. Here are some points that you must consider before purchasing a new vehicle:

1. Know Your Budget

The most important thing to consider before buying a car is knowing your budget and searching for the options available in the same range. Setting a budget will also help you decide whether you can afford a new car on your own or require any assistance through a car loan. You can also choose the type of car, whether hatchback, SUV, or any other type, accordingly.

2. Type of Car

The type of car often depends on your family size and the frequency of usage of the vehicle. Based on your budget, you can choose a car ranging from a sedan to a hatchback. You must be practical while choosing a new car and consider all necessary factors such as resale value, daily commute, fuel type and similar other.

3. Resale Value

There is no foolproof way of knowing the exact resale value of a car. However, you can search for the average resale value of the brands which will help you reach an estimate. You can also choose a brand that has good resale value if the purpose of your car is limited.

4. Features

Driving can be one of the most risk behaviors you’ll engage in, it is crucial to check for all the safety devices equipped in the vehicle to reduce damage. There is an extensive range of features available to make your ride comfortable and safe. Each model has unique features that you must know to make the most out of your car. Vehicles with features like automatic transmissions are becoming increasingly popular in the country. 

5. Car Insurance

The choice of your car insurance will not only protect your car but will also ensure your safety on the road. Moreover, car insurance is mandatory by law.  Comprehensive car insurance available online from reputable insurers such as ICICILombard covers:

  • Damage or loss to your car against natural calamities
  • Loss or damage to your car against man-made disasters
  • Personal accident cover
  • Third-party legal liability

In addition to the primary cover, there are add-on features that ensure that your online car insurance covers everything. It includes features ranging from rewarding a no-claims year to EMI protection for your vehicle. Choosing additional covers like an Engine Cover and Daily Allowance Benefit enhances the safety and security of your car in all circumstances. Earlier it was a challenging task to compare different policies, but today you can compare and buy car insurance online at your comfort hassle-free by following simple steps. 

What If I Bought A Lemon And Got Hurt?

Unfortunately, not all cars are equally made.  In the event that you are in a car accident and got hurt – you’ll want to determine if the accident was due to product liability.  That is, product liability means the car was poorly made or there was some manufacturing or administrative defect in the car.  If there was some sort of defect with the car, you’ll want to speak with an attorney.  We like Schafer & Associates.  They’re a really good product liability firm in Boston, Massachusetts.  If you’re in New England and you’ve had an accident, give them a call.

Finally, if your idea of welcoming this New Year is by purchasing a brand-new car, make sure you invest your money in a deal that promises you all the convenience, comfort, and safety. Don’t forget to buy car insurance online for increasing safety net of your loved ones and your car. 

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