Making it as an Online Freelancer

Have you ever dreamt of quitting your boring day job and making it as online freelancer? Well if you are ready to take the leap into world of working online as a digital blogger, designer, programmer, or e-commerce vendor; here are the biggest most know tips on making it as an online freelancer.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job (Yet)

Whether you are dreaming of writing food blogs in Austin or doing professional website design Melbourne, you need to get started somewhere. One good way to build up your new skills is by working and studying on your own time. If you a building an e-commerce shop on Etsy, this is something you can start in the evenings and weekends. You can build up clients and sales as you go along. If you are looking to make a living through advertising via blogging, start writing your blogs after work or on your lunch break. Working on the next big app? You can make your next vacation a “start-up workation.” While we admit it wont be easy at first, you will see it will eventually pay off. By the time you store or site starts getting enough traffic that you are ready to make the plunge you need to be ready. Timing is everything, don’t quit your day job until you think you can make it as a freelancer but once you are ready you need to commit full-time to your new career.

Find Your Passion but Do Your Homework

Making it as online freelancer may be your dream but first you need to do two things. Most important, find something you love and are passionate about. Secondly, you need to do your homework to make sure it is something you can earn a profit on. Are you a real foodie? Perhaps you’d like to write a food blog about your local scene. Why don’t talk to some popular food bloggers, see how much they earn, ask how they are able to make a living. If you love technology and want to be a freelancer programmer, be sure to find what programming languages are most popular and what type of credentials you are expected to have.  If you love vintage clothes and plan on buying them locally and reselling online, do your homework first to see how much you will have to sell to be profitable. Being a successful digital freelancer involves finding the perfect match of what you love doing and what you can earn a living on.

Remember to be realistic about the industry, this means doing your homework.  You always want to make sure you aren’t quitting your day job until the time is right to commit to your new job as an online freelancer full time.  Be patient and remember hard work pays, just think in a year or two you could say “no” to the daily grind and be working beachside with nothing but a laptop and a tropical drink.

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