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Learning Life and Fitness Tips from NFL Players

It seems everywhere we look, we are inundated with messages and advice on how we should stay fit and improve our lives. Whether it be drinking 8 glasses of water per day, meditating, taking a cold shower, eating kale, juicing, yoga, and counting calories. Sometimes it seems that the advice we were given last week is now contradicted this week’s big health tip. Yesterday’s super food has become today’s enemy, and vice versa. Yet sometimes, what we need to do can actually just be sensible, common sense actions.

This is an approach that many NFL players take. Whilst you may not need to be on top form like Teddy Bridgewater, the quarterback for NFC favourite team, the New Orleans Saints, many of the techniques and mantras of players are useful to improving your own fitness and life. Here are some anyone can use.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Ever been to the gym and then stood in a mirror wishing you could see some results already? Improving your fitness, whether that be losing weight, building muscle, or just making general all round improvements is a slow process. Football players notice this when they first start out in the league, or when undertaking a particular training regime that targets a weak area. Patience is vital to prevent them from becoming disheartened from all the hard work they put in initially seeming to show no results. Seeing progress can take weeks, if not months, and it is important not to expect immediate changes. Just stick to the process and eventually the results will follow.

You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet, Especially as You Get Older

Overall wellbeing is a balance of good diet, taking care of your mental health, and implementing an exercise regime that meets your needs. No amount of exercise can overcome a bad diet, no matter how many times you tell yourself that running for an hour on the treadmill means you can have an extra cake when you get home. As you get older, your body becomes more sensitive to your diet, even if you don’t notice to start with. So get into a good habit as early as possible and try to stick to it. NFL football players notice this a lot as they transition from college football into the NFL, as it is a key time in their own physical development.

Prioritise Your Health

Health is more important than anything else. If you don’t have your health, you can’t do any of the other things you want to do with your life. Therefore it is important to never let your regime slip too far when things get busy. Make sure that you always make time to exercise, even if that is simply going for a walk part way through a busy day. For athletes like NFL players, fitness regimes can slip during the off-season, so being disciplined and prioritising health are important to ensure they remain fighting fit for the start of the new year.

Common sense is typically the best solution to most problems, particularly your health and wellbeing. It is hard to make money from common sense, and therefore it isn’t sold through books and flashy Instagram posts. But as NFL players can attest to, common sense is an important way to look after ourselves.


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