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Kid Bedroom Color Ideas That Last

It’s terribly tempting to paint your baby’s bedroom in bright, fun colors that adhere to an outrageous theme like unicorns or outer space — but how long will your kid be into that kind of stuff? More often than not, kids go through dozens of short-lived phases every year (if not every day) which means that even if they’ve been begging for a soccer-themed room for weeks, they might be tired of it in less than a month.

Re-doing any room in your house is exhausting and expensive, and considering the sheer number of items in your kids’ rooms, you better believe that even the small act of painting a child’s bedroom won’t be easy. Plus, a heavily themed room is a major detriment to home value, so if you plan to sell, you want all your bedrooms to have appealing color schemes that won’t require immediate work to fix.

To that end, here are some of the trendiest and most fun kids’ bedroom colors — that no one will outgrow anytime soon.


Powder blue is for babies, and other shades of blue that adults like (teal, navy) aren’t usually all that appealing to kids. Cerulean splits the difference between young and old. Most everyone enjoys the pleasant not-too-green, not-too-blue hue; it was even nominated as the color of the millennium by Pantone in 1999 — and it’s still in style today. The history of cerulean is a long and interesting one which concerns artists’ frustration in finding the perfect shade to match the heavens. In decorating your kid’s bedroom cerulean, you can make the space peaceful and rich, inspiring them to reach for the sky.


White is boring, and it can be cold and lonely for a child, too. To add some warmth and comfort to a kid’s room while keeping it neutral, you should consider a shade like eggshell, which is like an aged white — or literally the color of a white chicken egg. The beauty of painting a kid’s room in a neutral like eggshell is that you can add personality through more easily changed décor like bedding, wall hangings and toys. Thus, when your kid inevitably outgrows their current stuff, you can replace it with their new interests without bothering to repaint.

As a side note, I would recommend touching up the eggshell paint every few years. Kids wear rooms hard, and it’s likely that their walls will end up with a few dings, scratches and covert drawings. I hire painters in my area to touch up my house whenever I redecorate, even if I’m not changing shades.


All colors of green are trending right now, from blinding chartreuse to deep forest green to earthy army green. While your kid might gravitate toward a neon or lime green, you should try to guide them to a pale mint shade, which is a bit more neutral and thus more likely to remain in style. Mint green can be dressed up and dressed down however your kid likes; it is equally appropriate for a sophisticated, elegant room as it is for something a but funkier and more chill. This color is close to neutral but has a bit more personality, making it a good choice for a long-lasting paint.


Mauve means different things to different people. To some, like Crayola, mauve is a vibrant purple color; to others, mauve is a dusty pink. In either case, mauve is a chic color that again toes the line of neutral while providing a bit of spunk and sass.

While I am trying not to gender colors — because colors are not inherently tied to one’s gender preference — it’s true that mauve usually goes better in a little girl’s room. However, by decorating the room with stark linens and modern furniture, you can give a mauve room a masculine edge that little boys might love.


Finally, one of the top contenders for color of the year in 2020, lilac is by far interior decorators’ most beloved paint color currently. Plus, because lilac is a soft, fun color, it is perfect for a kid’s bedroom. Like mint green, lilac is sophisticated when it isn’t covered by finger paintings and picture books, so it’s more than likely that your child will be able to age into adulthood with lilac walls without feeling like they still live in their nursery.

When you plan to have more than one kid, you need to plan ahead when it comes to paint colors — or else you’ll be spending hundreds of dollars on paint and paint services as the little ones grow. Fortunately, there are more than a few excellent color options for a cute and chic kid’s bedroom.

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