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Good morning Loves.  Have you ever been somewhere and been served by someone then thought to yourself “WOW she’s pretty?”  Have you ever asked for help and when the guy turned around to assist thought to yourself “WOW he should be a model?”  I know I have.

Do pretty people make more money?

So who are these people and where do they get their good genes?  I am not bad looking but I am nowhere near Victoria’s Secret or Abercrombie material.  We know from recent statistics that men make more money than women, but do pretty people also have a higher income?

Marie Claire magazine recently published wage gaps between men and women in major cities around the United States.  In San Francisco, California men make an average of $0.16 cents more than women.  In Austin, Texas the wage gap between men and women is $0.17 and in Denver, Colorado men make an average of $0.19 more than women.  If that seems a bit outrageous just remember, I am only the messenger.

If you are pretty is your life easier?

If you are considered above average looking can you negotiate a higher wage or talk your way into a job easier than someone who is not drop dead gorgeous?  In my opinion the answer is YES.

I absolutely think pretty people have an easier life than others who don’t take as much pride in their looks.  My younger sister Tara Marie has always been “the pretty one” in our family and that’s OK.  I have come to accept it, but I resented her for it for a very long time.

I am a jeans and flip flop girl whereas my sister rocks four inch stilettos like a runway model.  I feel that her life has been a lot easier than mine because she sort of just gets everything handed to her when she smiles and people want to meet her when she walks into a room.  Why is that? It’s because she’s pretty.

5 jobs that need pretty people:

Flight attendant.  I don’t know about you but every time I am in an airport or on a plane the flight attendants are always talk women with long legs or very well groomed men who look like they could be in a Hugo Boss ad.

Bartender.  I worked as a bartender for a year while studying in college and it’s not secret the prettier you are the more money you make.  On a good week I would make more in tips working two nights at the bar than I did in my weekly wage at the bank.  The downside is it really depends on how you look and how friendly you want to be, if you are having a bad night you could end up with very little tips.

Makeup artist.  No one wants an unattractive person trying to make them pretty.  If you are in any type of beauty business you are probably very attractive.  No one wants a hairdresser with a bad hair-do and no one wants to get their makeup done by someone who doesn’t look good themselves.

Real estate agent.  I don’t know why, but real estate agents are usually very attractive people.  Maybe it’s because they are selling a lifestyle.   They also usually drive really nice cars, I guess that’s a sign of success.

Restaurant hostess.  A hostess is the restaurants first impression and these girls are usually very pretty.  My sister worked as a restaurant hostess for two years.  Every night when she came home from work she said her cheeks hurt from smiling so much at everyone who walked in the door.

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