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Jeunesse Global Product Review

It can be difficult to find a family-based business these days. In the midst of swirling claims about health benefits, dieting fads and a myriad of invasive treatments to restore youthfulness to aging bodies, Jeunesse appears as an answer in a tumultuous sea of confusion. Jeunesse offers health and wellness options for many parts of one’s life, including multiple skin care lines as well as weight loss supplements and shakes, oral health formulas and makeup. With such an array of smart options for everyday living, Jeunesse can help users of all ages live happily and healthfully while enjoying thriving lives throughout their adult lives and well into their senior years.

This is how Jeunesse is truly different from other companies. While other companies are looking for the next big thing, Jeunesse ensures that all products are scientifically researched and assured to work without harming the body in any way. With only fact-based claims and research-backed formulations that are tested in laboratories for safety and efficacy, Jeunesse creates a myriad of products that any consumer can trust.

Jeunesse is founded on the idea of aging gracefully and enjoying a thriving life. In fact, its founding on September 9, 2009 at nine pm focused on the number nine for its link to longevity. The Jeunesse products are not designed for longevity alone. Rather, they are designed to help people live longer but also fuller, richer lives.

Jeunesse focuses on nine major product lines, also cementing the idea of the number nine in their product offerings. Taken together, these product lines are called the Y.E.S. System, which stands for the Youth Enhancement System. The products are designed to diminish signs of aging, beautify and rejuvenate the skin, defend the body with antioxidants, restore and enhance general bodily health and wellness, energize the body and provide mental clarity.

The Instantly Ageless line and the Luminesce Advanced Skin Care line both work to remove or diminish some of the beginning signs of aging, such as enlarged pores and fine lines and wrinkles.

NV gives users a professionally air-brushed look with primer, foundation and bronzer that fit into any makeup regimen.

Am/PM Supplements give individuals the vitamins and minerals they need for each day. Additional proprietary blends improve the sense of wellbeing.

Zen Bodi includes amino acid packets, protein-rich shake blends, metabolism-boosting supplements and body cleansing supplements for weight loss and healthy weight maintenance.

Other product lines include M1ND, Nevo, Finiti and Reserve.

Despite being such a large globally-operated company that focuses on technology to get their products out to tens of thousands of people around the world., Jeunesse is still a family-run business. Founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, it is still run by these two families to this day. Plus, independent distributors offer their personal brands of warmth to new and returning clients, helping create an environment of openness, honesty and togetherness. Clients return to the same independent distributor often, helping to cement this family feel.

When individuals choose Jeunesse products, they can feel confident in their choices. These products are backed by science and are designed to create noticeable changes in the body. Whether one is looking for a weight-loss shake, a daily supplement, a mind-building supplement or an anti-aging skin care serum, it can all be found with Jeunesse.


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