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Is It Time To Remodel Your Kitchen And Bath?

Remodeling a home that you are living in is always a worthy challenge. If you are looking to use the remodeling as an investment, then look to the kitchen and bathroom remodel as the place to start. There are several reasons to consider:


Age of the room from the last update is a big consideration. The house can scream outdated if your home is over 30 years old and this work area has not had a do-over. This is often a family gathering place and one of the most utilized rooms in the house. It may be time to get rid of that old wallpaper and flooring. Older homes begin to decline over the years and need to be repaired. It is best to re-do the entire workspace if you can, so all of the work is done at one time. This keeps the dating and the look uniform. Also, it is time to check out the wiring and the plumbing.

Resell values always go up when this part of the house is looking new and you have fresh countertops and backsplashes, cabinet fronts and hardware, and attractive flooring. New appliances will top it off. If not, hire an expert like appliance repair in Plano TX to repair and make them look as good as new. Don’t forget the faucets. Also, a fresh paint job will pull the whole project together. Spending money can save you money. This can happen with a remodeling job if your goal is to get rid of high energy appliances and replace with energy efficient appliances. Updated windows and doors can also be more energy efficient and save you money every month.

Remodeling can mean redesigning the layout of your workspace. Lifestyles change and you may need to redesign to meet your current lifestyle. Adding an island for additional prep surface as your family grows, or a breakfast bar for additional seating can call for a new layout. On the other hand, sometimes you just need a change. If this area is not fitting in with the overall flow or look of the house, then a remodel may be the solution. This room needs to be a workshop of inspiration and if you are not feeling it, your whole home experience may be lackluster since you spend so much time in the kitchen.

Television is full of programs that can inspire new decor and if you are a DIY junkie, a new look may be just up your alley. However, you may need help in this part of the house. This area can become a complex do-over if you are looking to do more than a new paint and replace cabinet hardware project.

If you are an aspiring gourmet cook, your workspace may need to be upgraded to reflect your cooking abilities. Do a layout before starting the project to determine the cost, practical organization, and efficiency.


A resell of your home needs to be as easy and painless as possible and more than anything the bottom line counts the most. Bathrooms are rooms which can be very important when it comes to getting the most money for your home. Adding a full bath can be a keen investment or looking at a bathroom remodeling photo gallery for inspiration to update the styling to appeal to a modern buyer.

Expanding a small bath can increase the value of your home and not break the bank. Adding a tub or shower to a half bath is the way to go to upscale value, and provides more options to bathing if you have a growing family. It is time to update if your house is showing signs of being outdated. Having a modern bath with updated fixtures and a new tile job with fresh paint will be pleasing to you and your guests.

Before remodeling, repairs must be done in full to ensure the foundation of a room you want to change is there to last. Water leaking in your walls or around fixtures must be fixed, so why not update your bath at the same time. You can begin by updating to water saving fixtures, better piping, and updated wiring. Additionally, if the need arises, your bath may need to accommodate an elderly or handicapped person. A special tub or shower may be needed. Also, there may need to be a refit with the toilet.

Be sure to budget your money and your time to make this a positive improvement to your home and your lifestyle.

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