Ingeniously Quirky Christmas Gifts for Your BFF

friends-581753_640So, you have a BFF and even though you are closer than two peas in a pod, you still don’t know what to get her for Christmas. She has just about everything she wants, that is, everything that you could afford to buy anyway, and this is where your problems begins. What can you get your BFF that is within your budget but something that she will really like and appreciate getting. You might want to check out some of these ingeniously quirky Christmas gifts for your Best Friend Forever.

The Odd Gift Basket

One of the most common gifts we give to people who have everything is typically a lovely gift basket with wines, cheeses and that bottle of top shelf wine or champagne. This year, why not give your friend an ‘odd’ gift basket. Fill it with all kinds of goodies that will have her laughing all the way through the New Year. Some ideas might be:

  • Bacon flavoured gum and/or toothpaste.
  • Pickle bandages.
  • Bathroom guest book.
  • Tabasco jelly beans.

And any other crazy thing that will have her in stitches. Imagine your friend offering a colleague at work a piece of gum so that she can watch their horror on their face as the unexpected flavour of bacon assaults them. The idea is to fill the basket with gag gifts that she can bring out and have a laugh with throughout the year.

A Phone Call to Her Future

Most BFFs share all their most private thoughts and hopes with each other. Perhaps your friend keeps saying that she wishes she knew where she would meet the man of her dreams. Or maybe she wants to know whether or not there is any way out of this dead end job she’s working at. Why not give her a gift certificate for a session or two with a live telephone psychic? This is where she can find the answers to all those deep questions about life that no one seems to have an answer to. As she’s opening the card you can imagine she’s thinking ‘gift card’ to her favourite high street shop but when she sees what’s inside, well, it’s just something quirky enough to be unexpected.

Party with a Male Dancer

No, it’s not her engagement party or hen do, but why can’t she enjoy a male dancer at her next big event? How often is it that some really gorgeous guy, dressed in very little, dances for her at a birthday party or better yet, an office holiday party. It would be the gag of a lifetime but just make sure to tell her to leave the boss at home – that is unless her boss is a young woman as well.

Everyone gives their friends a sweater or a bracelet or a bottle of perfume but how many people think to give pickle bandages or a gift certificate for a reading with a medium to discuss what’s coming through from the other side. Psychic readings are all the rage but who would expect a basket of gag gifts or a prepaid session or two with a live psychic? The key is to give a gift she will never expect and it will be a gift she’ll remember always!

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