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The Inevitability of Marijuana Stocks

Marijuana is coming. Despite the best efforts of retrograd politicians and backward-thinking municipalities, the cannabis revolution can not be stopped. The medical benefits of the plant are undeniable. There is very little to no chance for addiction and the chance of overdose is minimal, if nonexistent. The only remaining hurdles are federal obstinance and a skeptical public.

Marijuana stocks are another story entirely. Wall Street is not reticent about the potential for the sector. Marijuana stocks are poised to be a real growth investment for the foreseeable future. More and more states are jumping on board the weed legalization train. There is not a lot stopping them. And federal enforcement notwithstanding, the industry is growing as fast as it can.

The facts are clear: Cannabis is a psychoactive drip that can be used by smoking, vaporizing, within food or in pill form as an extract. The stoned or high feeling can produce euphoria, so it can be a helpful mental stimulant for those who are dealing with chronic pain or a terminal illness. It has been shown to increase appetite and decrease nausea, so many cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy use marijuana to help deal with the symptoms.

That is why marijuana stocks from medicinal cannabis companies are real growth opportunities. The demand for help from patients with cancer, glaucoma, anxiety, epilepsy and many other conditions means that the drug is not going away. There is a large amount of acceptance in the medical community, so opponents of marijuana legalization are having a hard time finding experts to parrot the party line.

The recreational uses of marijuana has been documented for decades in a wide variety of cultural products. Altering conscious perception is a highly desirable state these days. So companies in Colorado, Washington and California are all working to meet that demand. The potential for marijuana stocks in this part of the industry is very high. There is not a lot of barrier to entry.

The companies are all fairly new. So the stock prices are pretty low. The competition means that marijuana stocks are very, very volatile. Which makes them a great opportunity for day traders. Day traders love to search for volatility. There is nothing better than finding stocks that are about to make huge moves in the market and capitalizing on them. That is why marijuana stocks create such a great opportunity for investors and day traders alike.

The risk is there. But with the momentum behind marijuana stocks growing and public opinion changing to allow for more legalization, the movement is not going away. There is no better time to get on the ground floor. There is very little chance of prohibition coming back, because the tax revenue from the industry is so great. It is not a business friendly stance to advocate for the illegality of the substance. Marijuana stocks are going to benefit from this change in the culture. It is up to you how you want to benefit from this momentum.

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