How to Prepare for Your Kid’s Next Dentist Appointment

Your child may be afraid of the dentist, but there are ways to get them into the chair without tears or tantrums. 

According to Dentistry Today, nearly 20 percent of school-age children suffer from a little dental dread. Unfortunately, their anxiety is not a reason to cancel their appointment. As much as you don’t want to see them frightened, regular dental care is essential to your child’s overall well-being and physical health.

Luckily, there are ways you can help them prepare for the big day. 

Talk to Your Child about Their Appointment

Saying you’re going to Disney Land might get them into the car easier, but it’s going to make the whole experience harder when you pull up in the clinic’s parking lot. 

It’s easier to be honest, so you’ll want to let them know these three things:

  1. When they have an appointment
  2. Why their dental health is important
  3. What they can expect from their visit

Many kids fear the unknown, so these details can help them get over their fears. Go online for any resources to help you have this discussion. 

Don’t Forget about Yourself

Seeing your little one in distress can take its toll on you, especially if youdon’t like the dentist either. Here, it’s key you don’t let any of your fear spill over. Kids can pick up on things you don’t say, so you’ll want to learn how to control your worry in a meaningful way.

That includes handling financial anxieties if you struggle to afford their check-ups or emergency trips. 

Affording Regular Treatments

Taking good care of their teeth is essential to their overall health, so you’ll want to build their dental care into your monthly budget. Setting aside $50 or more each month can help you handle their regular cleanings and x-rays. 

Handling Unexpected Emergencies

But what happens if your kid falls and cracks a tooth before you can build up these savings? In emergencies like these, having a line of credit can help. Line of credit loans differ broadly depending on where you live, so a line of credit in Tennessee may provide different limits, rates, and terms from those available in California, Michigan, or Florida. 

Keep this in mind, even if you’re searching online for a line of credit. While you may access a lender’s website from anywhere in the country, the law states they can only provide line of credit loans in states where they hold licenses. 

Time Your Visits Carefully

You’re setting yourself up for failure by scheduling an appointment when they’re usually eating or napping. Try to shoot for early mornings or early afternoons when your kids are at their most refreshed, so you’re less likely to have a tantrum on your hands. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Shop Around 

Every dentist has their strengths and weaknesses. If your child didn’t have a good experience at the first dental practice you find, nothing’s keeping you there. You can research local dentists in your area that cater to children and people with anxiety. These professionals know how to handle young, scared patients better than the average clinic. They may even employ therapeutic techniques or offer conscious sedation in tough situations. 

Helping your child get over their fears is important to their mental, dental, and physical health — try these tips to help your child show up to their appointment calm and collected.

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