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How to Plan the Perfect Trip on a Budget

With how many options there are today travel has never been easier. It also has never been cheaper, which is why the tourism and travel industry is booming. In most cases, this means that tourist-friendly destinations and tourist hot spots are getting quite crowded. Even if you do manage to find good prices with all these competing consumers, you likely won’t have the experience you are looking for.

That is, unless you follow this guide:

Plan Your Trip Yourself

Choose the Best Budget Method of Travel

When it comes to budget travel you often have two options: buses or driving, and that’s on top of the flight you already had to book to get to the area. For total control over where you go, it is suggested that you skip the hassle of figuring out public buses and instead rent out a discount USA car rental from the airport.

Pack Light to Apply for Cheap Airline Tickets

Many airlines now offer a discount ticket to travelers who only bring a carry-on with them. You can save hundreds on these types of tickets, but only if you learn the art of packing light. Try to choose clothes that can be mixed and matched, instead of one outfit for every day you are away. You can always wash them at your destination.

Look Up Events in Advance

If you want to go to an event try to book them in advance. Many offer “early bird” ticket prices for those who are willing to commit before the bulk of tickets are sold.

Budget Accommodation Options

There are two options for those traveling on a budget:

Couch Surfing

Quite literally you will be sleeping on someone’s couch. Ideal for solo travelers who have been around the block and love meeting new people.

Room Renting

Instead of renting a hotel room, rent a spare room. You might need to share the space with the owner of the property, but you can get a great room in a good location at a price that works with you. If you befriend your host, you might even get great tips.

Aim to Pay off the Bulk of Your Trip Before You Go

If you can, try to pay off your flight, car rental, and accommodation before you land and save up money for spending as well. This way you won’t be in debt, you won’t have to worry about the total cost of your trip, and you can enjoy yourself much easier. There are sites out there that let you pay in installments, for example, to make budgeting easier.

Make Your Own Food

A great way to save a lot of money once you are there is to make your own food. If you rent a property or room, make sure it comes with cooking utensils so that you can make your own dinners at home. Likewise, you can also make easy picnic foods so that you can have a delicious lunch without the high costs of eating out.

Enjoy Taking in the Views

Finally, remember to take in the views. Go for a hike to a good viewpoint, or simply walk around the destination of your choice. If you have rented a car, go for a small road trip to see what exists beyond the city limits.

Traveling on a budget takes time to fully master, but it can absolutely be done with the right planning.

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