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How to Plan a Wedding

A wedding is supposed to be the best day of the bride and groom’s life, so it is no wonder that you might be feeling the pressure if you are planning your own, or someone else’s. There are so many different elements of a wedding that need to work together; it can often feel a little daunting while in the planning stages. If you are wondering how to make a wedding day run smoothly, these tips on how to plan a wedding are a good place to begin.

Get ideas

Talk with your partner about what your dream wedding looks like. Don’t think about the money side of things for now, just what you both love to see and do on the big day. Once you have a clear idea of what you like, and dislike, it makes it much easier to organize things to closely resemble your big ideas as possible. Then you can set your budget and begin gathering information and prices, looking to find things that fit with your ideal themes at a price you can afford.

Decide on when

Knowing when you’ll be getting married is key to getting everything ready. For example, if you know you’re having a summer wedding, picking a firm date will allow you to start looking around to hire venues, and other wedding vendors like musicians, caterers, and other services. So, talk with your partner and other important members of the wedding party to decide on a date that works.

Project Planner

Use a folder or binder to be the ‘central hub’ for your wedding plans. In your folder, you will be able to collect ideas of the overall look or theme you want, set out the budget you have for each element of the day. You can also keep a note of how much you are spending, allowing you to keep within your budget. Your project planner is also where you can organize your guest lists, make a note of the style of invitations you like, and much more. Your project planner will become your go-to folder for anything to do with your wedding and is a valuable source of information.

The Dresses

The bride to be and her bridesmaids need to look the part, but also feel comfortable in what they are wearing. A bride will have definite ideas about her dress, but bridesmaids often have to go with a color theme or style that might not be their first choice. To keep everyone happy and confident for a wedding day, consult with bridesmaids and take into account their preferences. With a little co-operation, there will be a style and color of dress to please everyone. SimplyBe have a range of plus size bridesmaid dresses that are fabulous for any wedding day.


Planning a wedding can feel like a lot to do, and while there is much to organize, a little planning goes a long way. Remember, not everything will run exactly as you imagine, so be prepared for a few small hiccups along the way. The most important thing about any wedding day is to celebrate a couple’s love for one another with family and friends and create a special memory for all who attend.

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