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How to Maximize Your Current WiFi Package

The average American household spends about $60 a month on their wireless internet, according to the Leichtman Research Group. If you only use your WiFi for some occasional web surfing, you might pay a bit less for coverage because you don’t need fast speeds. Or perhaps you’re into online gaming, love streaming your favorite shows in HD, or have a variety of smart home devices powering your appliances, and you opt for better, faster wireless and pay a bit more.

Regardless of how much you are spending, once you’ve found the right coverage for your home, you need to learn how to make the most of it. Otherwise, you might wind up wondering whether you need to start paying for a better package. Keep reading to learn a few simple ways you can maximize your WiFi to get more for your money.

Upgrade Your Antennas

Most homeowners buy a router or even receive one when they sign up for internet service. They set it up, plug it in, connect their devices to the web, and forget about it. Until their internet goes down or the connection slows, they don’t give that router a second thought. And even when their internet does go out, they might turn their router off and back on, check the cords, and then forget about it all over again.

The problem with this is that your router as it is brand new and out of the box might not be right for your home. Most routers come equipped with very small antennas that won’t broadcast a signal very far. But many internet users don’t realize that these antennas can be upgraded. Switching to larger antennas can help broadcast your signal farther, so you won’t get stuck wondering if you need better service to reach the far corners of your home.

Boost Your Signal

While new, larger antennas can help boost your router’s signal, these will only do so much. If there are a lot of obstacles in the way of your router, like furniture, walls, and floors, even a bigger antenna won’t solve your problem. Instead, you’ll need a different way to extend your WiFi range; a range extender.

A WiFi range extender acts as a boost for your current wireless internet. It connects to your router, and then takes that signal and broadcasts it. This keeps the wireless signal strong, even if you’re far away from your router.

Keep Your Router Updated

Another way to maximize your WiFi is by making sure that your router is capable of doing just that. Like any type of tech, your router needs regular updates and resets in order to keep functioning properly.

Powering down your router for a few seconds at least a couple of times a week can keep it running fast. In fact, turning off your router at night when it isn’t in use has a number of benefits, like lowering your utility bills and increasing security. You should also check with your router’s manufacturer to see if there are any updates available that you’ll need to run.

Maximizing Your WiFi

If you’ve already chosen the internet package that you feel is right for your home and your family, but you’re struggling to get a signal or the speed that you need, there are a few things you can do. Before you decide to upgrade your internet, make sure you’ve tried upgrading your antennas, adding a range extender, and updated your router first.


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