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How to Get the Most Out of Your Laptop’s Lifetime

As with all things technological, laptops and PCs won’t last you an entire lifetime. However, if you look after them well and follow these tips, you will get more use out of them than you might otherwise expect. You might not think you treat your laptop roughly: it’s unlikely that you drop it or damage it. However, some of the things we use our laptops and PCs for can be incredibly damaging, and shorten their lifespans considerably. You don’t need to make big changes to the way you use your device, nor do you have to invest in anything extra. It’s just a case of applying common sense, and knowing more about laptops.

Keep it cool

While you might enjoy sitting in bed and watching a film or doing your work, your laptop certainly doesn’t. Letting it sit on soft, warm furnishings is the best way to ruin its battery and cause it to run slower and give up on you sooner. Ensure that you always have it propped up on a hard, cool surface, or with a gap underneath so that its fans can do their job.

Treat it well

Physical damage is the quickest way to ruin a laptop or PC. You know all the basic rules, like don’t keep liquids near it and don’t put things on top of it. In addition to these basic care tips, you should also strive to store it in a protective case, especially if you plan on taking it out and about. Don’t transport it with any cables or USBs still attached – if they get jolted, they could snap off in the ports.

Know how to rescue it

If your laptop or PC gets attacked by a virus or hacker, you can often take it to professionals who will attempt to save it for you. For example, you can walk into any Secure Data Recovery centers with your laptop, and rescue your data.

Prevent problems from happening

Before you do anything with a new laptop, make sure you have a robust, recommended anti-virus software or program installed. Anti-virus software is the only way to completely protect your laptop and everything on it.

Run updates

Yes, those notifications bugging you about updates are annoying. However, they’re vital to the well-being of your laptop. If you can run the updates when they’re needed, you’re more likely to have a laptop that isn’t slow or lags, and that can keep up with your needs. Plus, you might need certain updates to download or run new apps and systems.

Make sure it meets your needs

If you bought a fairly cheap laptop, it’s likely that it will have low levels of RAM and a small hard drive. However, if you want to download and stream TV shows and movies, play games, or edit photos and videos, you might need a more powerful machine. Instead of running yours into the ground and having a weak, slow, poorly performing PC, upgrade your RAM and hard drive. You can either find external hard drives, or if you seek out specialist help, you can have one installed internally.

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