How To Earn As You Learn

Do you know you can still make money through college? Life can be hard with limited finances, bills to pay and a lifestyle to maintain. You do not have to be broke though.

College is not a cheap affair. Apart from the money that goes into fees, there are so many other expenses that crop up. While some students are on the extreme of keeping trendy and chasing fads, others are just fashion conscious. You will most likely wish to maintain a balance without lagging so much behind. Here is why you need funds to come in. You will need money for your outfits among other things. Look at some legal ventures you can try when in college.

Online Jobs

There are several jobs that one can do online. Technology has opened many doors than anyone could have imagined some years back. Put the internet to better use other than endless chatting and snooping on people’s profile, unless this brings you money too!

Virtual Personal Assistant; Busy lifestyles and the high cost of living are driving businesses to change ways of operation in the quest for survival. Traditional secretary positions are becoming extremely expensive to maintain. Since the services are still needed, people offer them virtually.


This is how VA jobs are becoming popular. Depending on the company engagement and line of business, the duties may include, responding to emails, managing calendars, facilitating travel arrangements of the bosses, answering and making phone calls among others.

There are many other services you can offer online. Some are social media management, content development, transcription, translation, data entry, online tutor, expert services, among others. While some of these services may fall under a VA job description, other clients want them independently.

Identify the needs of the businesses around you. Approach family friends, join social media groups, talk to the lecturers about the services you can offer online. You will be surprised at the many opportunities available.

Small Errands and Services

There are a lot of errands that people do not get to do if they capitalize on the scarcity of time in people’s lives today. The errands may look small but remarkably significant. A couple wondering where they can leave their child/ren will appreciate your babysitting services for the evening.

Right there in school, a student may need a list of best in class credit card companies compiled. Take it up and offer your services at a fee. While at it, you will learn a lot. Some family need a holiday destination but do not know where to start looking. With the internet at your reach, you can get all the required information in your comfort zone.

Check around if someone is stuck and cannot get to the stores and offer your shopping services at a cost. You will never miss business as long as you are swift and honest. Keep time as some of the services are time bound and may end up attracting penalties if late. Are there any lawns that need some mowing? Or a car that will do with some thorough wash? You do not need special skills for these, just time and the resources to facilitate.

If you are skilled in a particular area, use your gifts. Many ladies in the campus need a nice hair do when going for a date. Enough businesses out there are in search of logos and branding services at fair rates. Sell recipes as e-books or as videos if you have mastered the cooking art.

Re-selling Used Stuff

Someone needs what another person is discarding; it is the irony of life. Approach families whose children have outgrown toys, or other baby accessories like feeding seats, cots, baby car seats, prams among others. Whether you get them for free or a small fee, you can resell them to a family that is starting to have babies at fair rates.

There are many more. Focus on meeting needs and you will be amazed at the opportunities awaiting.

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