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How to Deter Thieves from Your Home

Burglaries are a common threat to American households, with studies reporting that 3 in 4 homes will be victims within the next 20 years. With your property being the center of your most valuable possessions as well as the home of your loved ones, ensuring that it’s not at risk is extremely important.

Even if you’ve experienced a burglary in the past, there’s no guarantee that it won’t happen again. According to the FBI, burglaries cost homeowners a staggering $2,251 on average. Compared to the investment required to secure your home, implementing effective preventative measures is a no-brainer.

This is especially true when you consider that homeowners with secured properties are 300% less likely to be victims of a break-in. Read on to learn more about how you can deter thieves from your home.

Keep Your Property Locked up

Since the majority of burglaries happen when nobody is home, making a habit of keeping your property locked up is a good idea. This includes any doors, gates, garden sheds, garages and windows. You should also take a look at your home from outside and remove any valuables from sight to give thieves one less reason to break in.

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Keep Vacation Plans Private

The biggest opportunity for burglars is when you’re away for extended periods of time. They can find out about your vacation plans through friends, family or your social media profiles. For this reason, try letting as few people as possible know about your vacation plans.

Install Timed Lighting Systems

To further reduce the chances of your home being broken into when you’re away, consider investing in a timed lighting system for certain rooms. This will make it appear as if someone is home. You can also brighten up your yard with automatic night lights to make it more visible, thus making it much more difficult for a thief to enter undetected.

Another good way to make it seem as if you are home would be to pick up a battery-powered radio. You can leave the radio on during the day when you’re at work or when you’re on vacation. If you’re concerned about the electricity usage of timed lighting systems, this is a more budget-friendly option.

Keep a Dog on Guard

In a survey where convicted burglars were asked about what would deter them from a home, almost 66% of respondents said that a dog would make them more apprehensive. You don’t necessarily need a beefy Pitbull or aggressive German Shepherd. Simply any dog that would make enough noise to alert people nearby of a stranger’s presence will do, though this should not be your main reason for getting a dog.

Invest in a Home Security System

Due to a lack of evidence, police in the US tend to only follow up on a mere 13% of burglaries. A good home security system will not only ensure that you have evidence in the event of a break-in, but will also decrease your insurance premiums. Here’s a post detailing the best security system and what you can expect.

For example, the ADT home security system includes surveillance cameras, alarms, sensors and wireless equipment that allows you to monitor CCTV footage from a mobile device. Medical products, suspicious activity alerts, emergency response, roadside assistance and a variety of additional extras are also included, making it well-worth the investment.

Install a Secure Safe

Small safes can easily be picked up and removed from your home. By installing a safe that’s mounted into your wall or attached to the floor, you can ensure that anything that lies within it will be secure. Take a look at the valuable possessions around your home and figure out what you don’t use frequently.

Perform Frequent Maintenance

Another good way to deter thieves is to ask a family member to perform frequent maintenance on your home. This includes emptying bins, taking mail out of the box and keeping your lawn trimmed. If it appears that someone is still looking after the house when you’re on vacation, burglars are less likely to target your property.

Get Friendly With the Neighbors

Close-knit neighborhoods are much less likely to experience break-ins as any strangers or suspicious activity is far more noticeable. If your suburb has a neighborhood watch program, it would be a good idea to consider joining. This way, you can ensure the safety of your own property while also looking out for your fellow neighbors.

By following even just a few of these methods, your home will become significantly safer from burglaries. Don’t hesitate to make the investment as soon as possible because there’s no telling when a crafty thief might come around.

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