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How to deal with spiders in your home

Spiders and other pests like dark, cool spots to hunker down and make more pests. If you notice a spider or two in your home, you may have the start of an infestation. Check around for small, fuzzy balls that could be spider eggs. If you locate any spider eggs, make sure and contact a professional insect removal team.

Spiders are more than creepy and crawly. Depending on the variety, a spider bite can cause breathing and cardiac issues. A brown recluse bite left untreated can cause a deadly infection and leave a lasting scar.

Monitor While Cleaning House

When it’s time for spring cleaning, keep an eye out for signs of spiders. You may find live ones scuttling when you move furniture for cleaning, or you may find dead ones. If you haven’t recently sprayed, your dead spider probably died of old age. His offspring may be under the bed.

If you notice spiders, put on a pair of gloves and continue with care. Never reach into a cardboard box without looking first and do not reach your bare hand under a piece of furniture to pick it up. One spider bite can put your cleaning process and every other activity on hold for a long time.

Some Can Be Aggressive

As a general rule, pests are sneaky. They want to avoid you and just keep mooching off your house and the fact that you haven’t noticed them yet. 

Unfortunately, spiders can get quite aggressive. Large wolf spiders, of the family Lycosidae, will leap out at you if disturbed. These spiders can be several inches from leg tip to leg tip, so having one leap out at you can be quite terrifying.

Name Confusion

It’s also important to note that spider names change across the country. What some call a Fiddleback, others call a brown recluse. What some call a wolf spider, others call a hobo spider. 

The bite of a hobo spider is extremely toxic and very painful. While hobo spiders are most commonly found in the northwestern United States, it only takes one box to ship from that area to any other region to put you at risk.


Climate change has led to a migration of some toxic spiders. While brown recluse spiders used to be found most commonly in Texas and the desert Southwest, these toxic and painful biters are now found throughout the Midwest. If you have been working in the garage, basement, or handling boxes and notice an inflamed bump with a black spot in the center, seek medical attention as you may have been bitten by a recluse. 

Be aware that the risk doesn’t stop there. You will likely need to take a steroid and an antibiotic to make sure you don’t develop a dangerous infection from the necrotic tissue in the center of the bite.

Bring in a Professional

Spiders are nothing to wonder about. With the help of a pest control company like Moxie Pest Control, it’s easy to initiate a treatment plan that keeps the creepy crawlies away. Schedule a spider eradication treatment that will be safe for everyone involved, except the spiders, and get your home treated to avoid the dangers of a bad reaction to a spider bite.

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