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How to Build Your Own Unique Style in Three Steps

Fashion has gone into overload in recent years. Some fashion houses have six or more collections a year, whereas the biggest brands in the fashion world will put out new items every single week. Creativity has been lost, and new styles are rare, instead giving way to recycled cuts, styles, and colors. What this means for you, however, is that there are more options than ever to create your own unique style. To curate this style, all you need to do is to follow these two steps:

Audit Your Closet

The first step to any wardrobe transformation is to perform an audit on it. Chances are, there are a few pieces clogging up your wardrobe space that you haven’t worn in years but keep for one reason or another. Not only are these pieces unnecessary, but they are also detracting you from being able to visualize your wardrobe. You won’t wear, after all, what you don’t see. By auditing your closet and by improving the look and function of your closet, you can improve your ability to style new looks. To start, however, you need to ask yourself:

  • Does it fit?
  • Is it in good condition?
  • Do you like it?

If you are particularly harsh with your audit, then you will probably find that most of your wardrobe is in the “to go” pile. Before you think about throwing those pieces out, however, sort them between items you can sell and those that cannot. Selling your used pieces is a great way to make some money back. The rest will then have to be recycled or donated. Thankfully, many top fashion brands are working towards a circular business model. This means that you can actually go to a store and drop off your unwanted clothes. They will then be sorted into fabrics that can be recycled into new material, donated, or they will be shredded to be used in areas like construction as insulation.

Create Your Own Unique Style

All that you have left to do is to build up your wardrobe again, only this time with pieces that are intended to last. You will want to dress for your body shape as well. Treat yourself to a few plus size trendy dresses. Build up your basics like jeans or a white t-shirt, and generally try to choose clothes that are well made, work well with what you already have, and have an enduring appeal to you.

Creating your own unique style means shopping for you first, and it means building up a versatile wardrobe that has endless combinations of outfits. Display what you own beautifully, and you have increased your ability to mix and match your outfits as well. The more creative you are when putting together an outfit, the more of your own personal taste comes in to play. Style, after all, is creativity, and by simply having more fun trying on new outfits and different looks, you can find and curate your own unique look that will ensure you stay stylish every day.


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