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How Scottish couple used their lottery win to support Scottish independence

If you win a lottery windfall, multiple financial needs will line-up themselves in your mind that may require your attention. In most cases, many people will think of their immediate personal and family needs first. Your to-do-list might have multiple things that you may want to buy such as luxurious cars, properties, and suchlike. Although giving to charitable causes is a brilliant idea, many people may not give it a priority. However, Colin and Christine Weir used much of their EuroMillions jackpot to fund a ‘Yes’ campaign cause.

Background to the Yes campaign

The Yes Scotland was a group that represented all organizations that were supporting Scotland’s independence from the United Kingdom. The referendum had two questions that gave voters either agree to continue being part of Great Britain or be independent. While a ‘Yes’ vote supported independence views, a ‘No’ vote supported the pro-union views.

These campaigns required a lot of resources to educate the masses about the implications of choosing either a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ option. To support this cause, the Weirs used 79 percent of the total amount they won in the EuroMillions lottery. By far, this was a sizable part of their overall win symbolizing their level of dedication to have Scotland as an independent nation. The family’s donations represented 80 percent of all the pro-independence donations.

Although there were some murmurs to the effect that the Weirs were cheated to surrender their lottery money, the family counteracted the views by saying that nobody duped them. They were supporting a good cause. Their main objective was to ensure that people were sufficiently informed before making their decisions.

A boost to the Scottish National Party (SNP)

Colin was once a candidate for SNP, and it’s only natural to support its cause for Scotland’s independence. His wife Chris also affirmed that she’s had been a lifelong member of SNP and offered full support. Chris stated that each society should be given a chance to chart its way forward. The couple’s main objective was to see a Scotland that is independent of the rest of the UK. Compared to other pro-independence party supporters, the Weir family gave the highest amount of £1 M. The other people who supported the Yes campaign include Edwin Morgan, Dan MacDonald, Mark Shaw, Mary McCabe, and Norman Easton. All the donors mentioned above gave a total donation of £2, 678, 000.

Community causes and family improvement 

Apart from supporting the SNP, the Weir family has used its lottery amount to support multiple community causes. Additionally, the family utilized part of the amount to accomplish its specific needs like home renovation, rehabilitation of their swimming pool, and buying of a Suzuki Grand Vitara. Although the family had enough resources, it decided to settle for a basic model which cost £16000.

The main lesson that the lottery community can learn from the Weir family is that apart from meeting your various needs with your lottery windfall, you can support specific causes.


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