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How Handwritten Letters Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

We live in an over-saturated society, with email, social media, and smart technology taking over our lives from the moment we wake up until our eyes close for the night.

With messages coming at us throughout the day, it’s hard for a business to stand out from among the crowd, but there is an age-old trick that could take your business to the next level. Find out how handwritten letters can make a difference for your business today.

Why Handwritten Letters Are So Effective

Image via Flickr by Rolf Dietrich Brecher.

There are more ways than ever to reach out to potential and existing clients, from email marketing to social media networking, but all marketers will agree that all forms of business relations must end with an increase in customer engagement.

Your clients and customers are likely to be inundated with rehashed and reworded emails all day long, which leads to glossy eyes and white noise as they look for something different, which is where you come in.

Writing a handwritten letter is effective because of its uniqueness, charm, and a personal touch often forgotten with today’s advanced technology.

Thank Your Current Customers With a Handwritten Letter

If you have recently made a sale, had an important meeting, or you simply would like to thank your customers for their long-standing relationship with your business, sending out a text message or an email is likely to be deleted as quickly as it is sent.

Writing a handwritten letter on a simple thank you card, then tossing in a business card, free samples, or coupons, can make a memorable impact that other forms of communication would never inspire. Remember to keep it straight and to the point, but with a personal touch that lets them know you were thinking about them, and they’ll know that you’re the type of business that will follow through with them when it matters most.

Handwritten Letters Can Drum Up New Business

Even if you haven’t established a long-term relationship with a new customer or prospective client, you can still use handwritten notes to present your sales pitch in a meaningful way.

While getting new customers is a much more demanding challenge than keeping existing ones, a simple personalized note will catch their eye as people are simply not used to getting letters in the mail anymore.

Send out a quick message to summarize who you are, describe the quality of care you put behind your product or service, and put into their mind what your business is all about. This would be a great opportunity to offer a special discount for signing up for something new you provide or one they have yet to take advantage of themselves.

While there are many proven methods for reaching customers of all kinds, most of those methods are used to the point where they are no longer unique or interesting. In a muddled world of oversaturated marketing, make your business stand out with the personalized touch of writing a handwritten letter.

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