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Here Are 8 Tips for Funding a Moving and Storage Service

Moving and storage companies that offer efficient services are often the most successful ones that you see around. It is their unique approach to customizing their moving efforts that fetches them quality returns in the end. Exploring their funding opportunities is more about selling their effectiveness and efficiency than that of their general skills.

Few Great Funding Sources For a Moving Company Are Mentioned Here:

  1. Personal financing. It might not seem to be a very innovative idea, but the number of movers opting for it is just increasing. Most of them are budding entrepreneurs that are reluctant to use their small savings for staring a moving and packing venture. They have not even saved much to take the plunge either. Until an investor sees your skin in a game, they will not consider investing in the deal.
  2. Peer-to-peer lending. This is about forming a network of movers that can assist each other through financial crunch times. You may have already seen a few mover and packer networks that extend such support to each other. You should pay more attention to a successful mover that can fund your short-term requirements at ease.
  3. Personal credit lines. Your personal credit line helps you to fulfill the criteria of most secured personal credit-lines. You do not need much of a credit history to become eligible for a credit card. Small moving and storage networks are either built on credit cards or personal financing. Till the time you continue rolling your minimum payments, you will enjoy full control and ownership of your moving activities.
  4. Vendor financing. You may come across equipment and vehicle providers that will allow you to repay their services only after you can sell your own. It happens more frequently when you are looking out for long term assistance. Vendor financing often extends beyond the usual 30-day repayment period and varies with the associated charges and your creditworthiness.
  5. Microloans. You may achieve small loans from a few non-profit and private organizations that are in operation for some time. It is of great assistance to individuals that wish to finance a moving and storage business without having substantial working capital. Home business loans are a good form of credit for setting up your moving business office at home.
  6. Factoring accounts receivables. It has a close resemblance to that of PO financing. The advance can be used for paying off dues that are not yet collected or for settling unpaid amounts that are not past due. Your services are bound to be boosted by the cash influx as the business begins scaling up in high volumes.
  7. Purchase order financing. Quite often, the moving and storage services do not have the necessary funds to deliver large projects. That is one reason why they cannot accept sizeable new packing and moving orders. The supplier may achieve the required funds from the PO financing organizations directly. It enables a moving and storage service provider to acquire its profits and complete all transactions more smoothly.
  8. IRA financing. These days, most of the new moving businesses are utilizing fund sources like that of the 401(k) and the IRA funds. If you wish to give your moving business the necessary boost, you may use funds that you have directed on your own. However, there are a few people around you that believe in your repayment ability and can extend loans with great terms.


Most venture and Angel investors adapt new financial approaches that are not that innovative but entirely conventional. Most of the new entrants in the moving industry prefer to go for a known business model that reflects lesser risk with more returns. Handling the cash flow is one of the several ways of exploring your business and keeping the competition at bay.

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