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Finding Ways To Underwrite Your Business

Creative Methods of Fund Acquisition

Going the “crowdfund” or “crowdsource” route is increasingly popular today. It’s a great way of securing “angel” investors anonymously. But it’s also not what a gambling man would call a “sure bet”. There’s no way to know whether you’ll be able to obtain the capital necessary for your goals. Also, you get out what you put in: you must market.

Marketing to profitable donors can work. It can also fail. And if it’s going to work, it’ll likely be a full-time job, meaning you must do that instead of work on your burgeoning business. So at the end of the day, using crowdfund solutions to underwrite your business may be actionable, and it may not. But it’s an option on the table.

Areas Where You Can Conserve Resources

What makes a lot more sense are strategies which focus on, A, cutting all the fat, and B, sourcing lines of credit. Pertaining to the first option, cutting the fat doesn’t always involve direct means of profit. Sometimes what this intones is consolidating operational protocols to eliminate redundant practices. Time is a valuable resource you can conserve.

Antiquated tech can also be cut out. If you’ve got on-site server arrays costing thousands to source, ship, maintain, and upgrade, unless you specifically need them for some analysis of data requiring their specific hardware, you may be spending thousands for nothing. Cloud computing could surrogate and do better.

Then you’ve got utility bills which will either be at a certain level of complacency, or gradually continue to rise as your business expands. These can be supplanted by owning the property and infrastructure from which your business operates, and sourcing energy solutions which don’t rely on the grid; like wind, water, and solar.

Next you’ve got marketing. Online solutions can help you get a bead on the lion’s share of actionable clientele. It’s also cost-effective. But you must use targeted marketing, and it makes sense to work with professionals who can get your information in front of the right people.

Expenses Develop Even Under Ideal Circumstances

If everything is going well, you’re still going to have invoices which comprise a massive subset of your profits, and which don’t arrive until two or three months after you’ve sent them. So this is where you need to start looking into loan options in order to maintain operability over time.

One option worth your consideration is thinking about how to get a SBA loan; according to, “If you want to start or grow a small business, then you need to prepare for the challenges that you will likely face along the way,” and a good portion of those challenges are going to be financial.

If you’re able to source such SBA solutions, you can likely get a reasonable interest rate, and always have the resources necessary when times get dire. Provided you pay the loan back on time, it will act to you like a revolving source of capital as needed.

Operate Below Your Total Potential Threshold

Between curtailing costs through efficient operations which cut unnecessary expenses, having SBA loan options available should the going get tough, and providing top-tier products or services, your business has a great chance at success—but there is one more strategy to keep in mind.

Whatever you do, you want to live beneath your means. Getting a loan can still be living beneath your means, depending on the situation. If you’re always operating with less than your total available assets, when the utterly unpredictable happens you’ve got a safety net.

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